What's New

What's New

With thousands of members worldwide, hundreds of pages of web content, and the breadth of CX and the CX community, it is inherently challenging to keep up with everything that’s new at the Customer Experience Professionals Association. This page shares highlights of new developments and offerings from CXPA.

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  • CXPA Celebrates our 11th Birthday, April 27th is the exact day the association was launched and the public announcement was made.
  • CXPA releases new membership badges that help professionals and display CX pride and commitment to CX.
  • CXPA releases new CCXP badges,  professionals who earned the certification can now display their advanced, extensive CX knowledge on social media and in gain public recognition.
  • CXPA unveiles new Topic Guides - member curated deep-dives into critical CX topics featuring resources to watch, listen, read, and CX case studies and templates. 
  • CXPA announces new regional councils and volunteers in 10 countries including; Oceania, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, Brazil, and United States.
  • The CXPA Book of Knowledge continues ongoing progress as the independent, peer-driven consensus project to document key CX terms, tactics and approaches based on the CXPA CX Framework. 
  • CXPA surpasses 52,000 followers on LinkedIn, and gains 2,000+ visits monthly to whatiscx.com.


  • CXPA Workgroup is developing independent consensus-based guidance for effective CX practices. 
  • CXPA announced the 2021 Emerging Leader in CX Award and 2021 Innovation Award winners. 
  • CXPA began efforts to better understand the state of CX in higher education through Higher Ed project
  • CXPA unveiled Topic Guides - member curated deep-dives into critical CX topics featuring resources to watch, listen, read, and CX case studies and templates. 
  • Redesigned CX resource library with over 700 pieces of unique content. 
  • CXPA surveyed our members to help our 2021 program planning
  • Revamped the CXPA Job Board to make it easier to find regional, remote, and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) preferred opportunities.
  • Developed Guide to CX Job Descriptions
  • Introduced new CX team memberships to make it easier for entire teams to take advantage of CXPA member benefits. 
  • Thanks to CXPA Sponsors, we continue to offer emergency funds to support membership and CCXP renewal expenses for those unable to do so because of COVID-19 impacts.
  • CCXP exam may now be taken online and is offered in French. 
  • Upgraded the account management portal to simplify updating your profile, privacy preferences, and more.
  • CCXP Exam Blueprint updated to include new five core competencies. 
  • CCXP eligibility requirements updated to include those without a post-secondary education degree.
  • CCXP exam was updated with new questions that were written to assure current job tasks, skills, and abilities were represented based on contemporary CX practice. 




  • CXPA Core Values are unveiled and shared with the membership:

1. Connected: Strength in Diversity
We have a culture of inclusivity and belonging, where everyone is welcomed.
We encourage, seek out and embrace diverse perspectives and approaches.
We have an unquenchable thirst to learn, paired with a passion to share our expertise to help one another grow professionally and personally.

2. Authentic: Excellence from Inside
Authenticity matters. Be who you are and contribute what you can.
We act with integrity and hold one another accountable.
We build trust by being trustworthy, genuine, respectful, and kind.

3. Be a Champion: Passion Fuels Growt
We are member-led and member-focused.
We prioritize work and relationships that positively advance the mission.
We strive to inspire others by sharing and learning together.
We actively contribute to the thought leadership and innovation of the CX profession.
We are tireless advocates for customer experiences that improve people’s lives.


  • More than 100 CXPA members collaborate with the Board of Directors to explicitly examine, test, and codify the CXPA community core values.
  • CXPA hosts Customer Spark conference in Birmingham, England 
  • CXPA hosts its 7th Insight Exchange conference in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Citi, Mayfair Diagnostics, Sandy Spring Bank, Ultimate Software, and Wiley awarded 2017 Customer Experience Innovation Award.
  • Twelve individuals recognized as 2017 CX Impact Award Winners.


  • CXPA releases "Who's Who of Customer Experience" profiling nearly 150 certified CX Professionals.
  • Eight case studies are featured from eight top brands at the CXPA Customer Spark conference in Dallas.
  • CXPA holds the US Insight Exchange conference in Atlanta.
  • Barclaycard US, Ciena, Cigna, EMC, and Humana are awarded the 2016 CX Innovation Award.
  • CXPA hosts the European Insight Exchange in London.
  • CXPA Board retains IntrinXec Management to ensure association management services meet growing needs.
  • Diane Magers, CCXP begins service as CXPA's interim CEO on a part-time basis.
  • Fifteen individuals recognized as 2016 CX Impact Award Winners.



  • CXPA launches the CCXP Certified Customer Experience Professional credential, a vendor-agnostic, independently-governed professional certification that establishes a common framework for assessing CX knowledge.
  • CXPA's mission statement is updated to incorporate a focus on member-to-member sharing: "The Customer Experience Professionals Association is the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession. We increase the impact and visibility of Customer Experience professionals, facilitate effective member-to-member sharing, and establish respected standards."
  • The 2014 Insight Exchange conference is held in Atlanta.
  • Akbank T.A.S., Cisco, National Car Rental, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Safelite AutoGlass received the 2014 CX Innovation Award.
  • CXPA launches the online CXPA Community, Blog, and Mentor Match program.
  • Ten individuals recognized as 2014 CX Impact Award winners.


  • CXPA hosts the inaugural CX Day, which is to be an annual celebration of great customer experience and the professionals who make it happen.
  • CXPA holds the 2013 Members Insight Exchange in San Diego.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Sage, a provider of accounting and business management software, were awarded the 2013 CX Innovation Award.
  • Seven individuals recognized as 2013 CX Impact Award winners.



  • CXPA holds its inaugural Members Insight Exchange meeting in Boston, attended by more than 150 professionals. Read the official press release as well as Jennifer Batley's six takeaways from the event.
  • Bruce Temkin and Jeanne Bliss announce the launch of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, sharing the mission of the new organization: "The Customer Experience Professionals Association is a global, non-profit organization that supports the professional development of its members by enhancing networking, providing research and education, establishing standards, promoting the industry, and creating a better understanding of the discipline of customer experience."