Mentor Match Program

The CXPA Mentor Match program is designed to connect CXPA members for a one-on-one CX-focused mentorship. Mentorship is a proven self-development method that can help both mentee and mentor develop perspective, build confidence, gain new skills and knowledge, and further personal development and career goals.


Mentor Match Program Requirements

Mentors will...

  • Fill out their mentor profile and CXPA Community Profile with as much detail as possible to aid in finding the best match
  • Complete the initial discovery call checklist (provided by CXPA) with their mentee
  • Commit to a focused conversation with their mentee for at least one hour each month
  • Provide insights, knowledge, and understanding in an educational manner to benefit the mentee in professional growth
  • Make at least a 6-month commitment to the match
  • Be judicious with their resources to make sure each of their mentees is well-served; mentors can have more than one mentee but no more than three is a best practice

Mentees will...

  • Fill out their mentee profile and CXPA Community Profile with as much detail as possible to aid in the finding the best match
  • Be responsible for initiating the relationship inviting a desired mentor to help them
  • Complete the Mentoring Worksheet
  • Drive the relationship with their mentor, meaning that mentees must have clear goals for what they want to achieve from participation and take responsibility for pursuing those objectives
  • Make at least a 6-month commitment to the match
  • Only have one mentor at a time

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Mentor Match program?

This program offers any CXPA member a CX-focused mentorship. Mentors and mentees must enroll in the program as a mentor and/or a mentee, and then match up for CXPA to officially recognize the relationship. Mentors and Mentees are welcome to adjust the length and involvement of the mentoring relationship to their specific needs, but based on past experience,  CXPA recommends mentoring relationships last for approximately 6 hours of active mentoring time, or about 1 hour a month for 6 months. 


How & when do I sign up?

Enrollment is open year-round! It only takes 5 minutes to complete the online enrollment form. Once enrolled, mentees can view the mentors available and reach out via private message within the CXPA community system to find out if there is a mutual interest. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but cannot guarantee that everyone will find a match.


What can I expect from participating?

Whether you are the mentor or mentee, you should expect to benefit from discussions that will increase your understanding and perspective.  Most mentoring relationships devote at least one hour a month to meet in-person or online. CXPA has a few resources to help jump start your relationship and ensure you are each getting the most benefit from the mentorship.


How long does a mentoring relationship last?

That is mostly up to you and your mentor/mentee! While CXPA recommends you engage in about 6 hours of active mentoring time, and speaking for at least one hour a month, we recognize you may need to be matched shorter or longer to accomplish your goals. Most formal mentor match relationships are completed after 12 months so that mentors can engage with new participants. (Many mentees also go on to serve as mentors!)


Does my match have to be local?

No, most of our matches are not local and you do not need to live near each other for a successful relationship. Just find your preferred communication method -- phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, email, etc.

Feedback from Past Participants

Karl Sharicz

“The experience was fantastic. These mentoring sessions are very engaging, extremely interesting and rewarding, and mutually beneficial to both mentee and mentor and I look forward to continuing on with the program.”

- Karl Sharicz, CCXP, Founder & CEO at HorizonCX (2018 Mentor)

Jennifer Kavu

“Overall, it was a great experience and I really appreciate being part of an organization that offers a mentor program. It is definitely one of the benefits that encouraged me to join the association and I can see how great it is to be part of the CXPA community.”

- Jennifer Kavu, Customer Relationship Specialist at Siemens Industry, Inc. (2018 Mentee)

The Mentor Match Program is open to CXPA members only.


Still have questions? Email and we will be happy to help.