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Welcome to CXPA Oceania! We're excited to have you join our vibrant CXPA community in the Oceania region. As we passionately promote the understanding of customer experience (CX) in this dynamic area, we're equally committed to building strong regional connections and fostering a united community. Explore the provided links to connect with the broader global CXPA network and access resources tailored to our unique Oceania context. Right here on this page, you'll find individuals, content, and links from our thriving CXPA community in Oceania. Dive into the wealth of resources and connections available at your fingertips and join us on this exciting journey to enhance customer experiences throughout Oceania!

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Oceania Regional Updates

Discover insightful CX statistics from the Oceania region in the following links and videos.

Oceania Regional Council Leaders

We're sorry, there are no leaders in the supplied community.

CCXPs in Oceania

We take great pride in the accomplishments of individuals in Oceania who have obtained and upheld the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) certification. Click the button below to view the list of CCXPs in Oceania. For further information about the CCXP program and to chart your journey towards certification, please visit the official CCXP website.

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