Team Membership

CX is a Team Sport.  CXPA is here to support your Team.

CX teams perform better when they have a common language, inspiration, and access to a diverse, experienced network of fellow CX professionals.  Let CXPA serve as a supportive extension of your internal CX leaders.  Regardless of the size of your team or maturity of your CX program, we have flexible CXPA membership options to help support your team, its growth, and the CX results it delivers.

Individual Annual Memberships Job Postings Cost
Up to 10 memberships 3 job postings $1,900
Up to 25 memberships 5 job postings $4,500
Up to 50 memberships 5 job postings $8,750
Up to 100 memberships 10 job postings $15,000
Up to 200 memberships Unlimited job postings $20,000

Does your organization support your commitment to CX? Show it!

Many organizations say that they are committed to best-in-class Customer Experience, yet many fall short in support for their CX professionals. We're proud of the organizations that have joined us in supporting their CX professionals in strengthening their skills, network and learning through a CXPA team membership.  The organizations on this list have proven their commitment to continual customer experience improvement to their workforce, leadership, stakeholders, customers, and potential employees. 

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Looking for Other CX Market Recognition? Consider CXPA Sponsorship.

As a CXPA sponsor, you are aligning your brand with CXPA’s success over the past decade while also promoting your organization as supporting our active community of customer experience enthusiasts that has captured the attention of 70,000 followers worldwide. We help your message to reach CX leaders and decision-makers. 

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