CXPA Fires Up “The CXPA Engine,” A Smart Newsletter to Drive Your CX Forward

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 03-26-2020 10:33 AM


Raising the Bar

Our CXPA team began 2020 with a compelling goal—to create and curate content that connects CX professionals around the world and empowers them to overcome obstacles and drive customer-focused change within their organizations.

As a by-member, for-member association, CXPA has long benefitted from an engaged tribe of thought leaders who regularly write posts on as well as on their personal or company blogs, and we knew that we wanted to showcase and elevate their work to the larger community. We also knew that there are many types of CX professionals with different content needs—from those working cross-functionally within their organizations to drive change, to those focusing on insights and analytics, and those working on digital experience or UX.

Delivering Personalization

Our desire to provide personalized, relevant content to our community led us to, a smart newsletter solution. Using a combination of human curation and machine learning, the rasa platform allows CXPA to present relevant content sources and articles to our readers. As a reader engages with different posts, the platform learns about individual preferences to serve up more relevant content in the future. This personalization means that no two editions may be the same.

In addition to showcasing thought leadership, the newsletter also allows CXPA to feature events and conferences as well as CX jobs from around the world.

Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP, is Chief Customer Officer at ClearAction Continuum and a member of CXPA’s Board of Directors. “There are two reasons I’m excited about the CXPA newsletter,” she says. “First, what I get out of an association is always greater when I’m involved, so I’m looking for ways to participate; second, it’s inspiring to see what’s going on, who’s doing things, and what’s new in resources that can help me and people I know.”CXPA Engine newsletter masthead

Driving You Forward

Each post that appears in the weekly newsletter is reviewed by CXPA staff to ensure it is focused on just that—helping the community. Articles must be focused on CX thought leadership and align with the association’s core values.

If you’re a CXPA member who is interested in showcasing your thought leadership, consider writing a blog post on, as articles posted there are automatically considered for inclusion in the newsletter.  And if you have another content source or RSS feed that you’d like to see considered for inclusion, drop me a note.

We decided to name our newsletter “The CXPA Engine,” because as your association, we exist to fuel your CX efforts. We hope this content drives you forward—and we look forward to celebrating your success.