Why Organizations should provide CXPA Membership for their CX professionals

CX results begin with CX professionals empowered by their organization to be true catalysts that lead the customer experience program. By providing these leaders with CXPA membership, organizations not only demonstrate commitment to their CX program, but also equip these CX professionals with year-round access to a community of like-minded peers that inspire, inform, and support these CX leaders to deliver better results.

CXPA’s Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) certification program provides an independent, industry-wide, standardized measure that organizations can trust to advance and assess the CX knowledge of your CX team and job applicants.

The CXPA community is an independent source of opinion on important decisions such as the investment in CX platforms or consulting services. We have served CX professionals at thousands of organizations since we were founded in 2011, and our CCXP credential is the most trusted hiring credential in the world for CX professionals.

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Don't just take our word for it...

“The value that the CXPA offers resides in both education and networking. Quite frankly, the two go hand in hand. The association is member-driven, and members work together to share, discuss, and learn with/from others who are experiencing the same challenges in their professional roles.

- Annette Franz CCXP, Founder/CEO, CX Journey Inc.

Mike Wittenstein

“The world of customer experience is changing so rapidly, it’s helpful to have a vibrant community of colleagues who can help you find your way, stay on track, and get ahead. I love the people, resources, and programming at CXPA because customer experience isn’t a journey you should have to take alone.

- Mike Wittenstein CCXP, Founder/Partner, Storyminers

Diane Magers

"The CXPA offers tremendous value to me. I get incredible motivation and support from other members, and access to great CX innovative thinking. The webinars, tools and resources help me gain insight on my most pressing opportunities.

- Diane Magers CCXP, Chief Experience Officer, Experience Catalysts

Sponsorship of CXPA

As a CXPA sponsor, you are aligning your brand with CXPA’s success over the past decade while also promoting your organization as supporting our active community of customer experience enthusiasts that has captured the attention of 70,000 followers worldwide. We help your message to reach CX leaders and decision-makers. 

Learn More About Becoming a CXPA Sponsor

Learn More About Becoming a CXPA Sponsor

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