2022 Emerging Leader in CX Award

We are now accepting applications for the Emerging Leader Award. Nominate yourself or another deserving individual at this link. Nominations will be accepted through July 1, 2022.

Who is an Emerging Leader in CX?

This award is open to CXPA members and is to recognize emerging leaders in CX. An ‘emerging leader’ is defined as an individual who is new to CX, desires a career in the field and is growing skills in the profession. Emerging Leader in CX Award winners have:

  • Brought CX thinking to their brand/organization and new thinking to our profession
  • Demonstrated impact on their organization by leading CX initiatives or workstreams
  • Proven innovation that solves a problem for their business and/or benefits the CX discipline overall
The Emerging Leader in CX Award is given to curious and creative change agents who will enable all of us to reach greater heights in our work. Join us in celebrating the winners of our Emerging Leader in CX Award and be sure to keep them on your radars!

2021 Winner's Announcement

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