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Medallia is the pioneer and market leader in Experience Management.

Medallia's award-winning SaaS platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees and citizens. Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, on calls and digital channels, over video and social media and IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results. Using Medallia Experience Cloud, customers can reduce churn, turn detractors into promoters and buyers, create in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and drive revenue-impacting business decisions, providing clear and potent returns on investment.


Medallia has compiled a list of resources to help you accelerate your organization's experience management program. What can we help you with today?


Get Inspired


Report: Uncovering the Secrets Behind a Successful Customer Experience Program



Fireside Chat: Leadership, Culture & Why Loving Your Customer Matters


Medallia Listening Video

New! Transformative Tech: Unlocking the Power of Complete and Connected Listening

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Prove the ROI of CX

Medallia 2

Webinar: Getting Sustainable Business Outcomes from Customer Experience


Medallia 3

Webinar: The ROI of Customer Experience

Medallia 4

Webinar: The ROI of Taking Action: Quantifying the Impact of CX and EX Initiatives


Connect CX and EX

Medallia 5

The EX-CX Connection: How Continuous Employee Listening and Action Drives Customer Loyalty and Retention

Medalla 6

Webinar: EX + CX = BX (Brand Experience)


Medallia 7

Blog: From the Front Lines to the Boardroom: How to Prioritize CX & EX with Executive Leadership


Deepen Your Understanding of the Customer

Medallia Ebook

Ebook: How Experience Signals Can Drive Your Business Forward


Medallia and CXPA Summer Series: Expand Your Understanding of the Customer


Webinar: Signals Here, Signals There, Signals Everywhere


Gain Buy-in from Internal Stakeholders

Medallia 10

Guide: How to Launch a Customer Experience Program

*Check out page 7 for a guide on how to get buy-in and ensure alignment

Medallia 11

CX Summer Series: Expanding Your Organizational CX Influence


Medallia 12

Guide: How Customer Experience Serves Your Organization's Most Crucial Goals


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