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Thank You to Our CX Day Sponsor Medallia

Happy CX Day from Medallia! We pride ourselves on helping organizations enhance their customer and employee experiences by effectively listening to and engaging with their feedback. By unifying all feedback into a single platform, organizations have a holistic understanding of their customer and employee needs and can quickly surface insights that pinpoint what actions will have the greatest impact on customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and revenue growth. Whether an organization is just starting its experience program or is a complex global brand with feedback across several channels, Medallia can be the single source of truth uniting the entire organization through driving greater impact around customer and employee experiences.

Thank you Medallia!

Video Resources 

Please view the video resources below to increase your CX knowledge. Share these video resources with your CX team and continue the enthusiasm after the CX Day celebrations.

Downloadable Resources

Use the downloadable resources to nurture CX excitement in your team. The more your team learns about CX it will be more likely the benefits of practicing CX will be revealed. Please see downloadable resources below. 

Interested in more helpful resources? Please see an extensive library of Medallia resources here.


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