Regional Insights from CX Day 2021--Part 1

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 19 days ago


Did you miss any of the action on CX Day 2021? We've got you covered.

To celebrate the global diversity of CX professionals, CXPA convened 10 regional panels featuring CX professionals from Asia, Africa, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, the Middle East, Oceania, the U.K., and the U.S.

Here are 5 insights from the first 5 panels—look for more next week!

featuring @Julia Ahlfeldt,CCXP, @Mrs. Rebekah Kabugo-Mugisha, @Nnenna Okeke,CCXP, @Ms. Diana Othieno, @Mr. Adinor Puplampu @Mosun Shasore,CCXP

“We're in an era that is that is becoming more and more virtual, customers are becoming more and more demanding. How do you stay connected, even when you don't have the gadgets? How do you make sure that you have parity of services, so you offer the same services on different platforms that the customer is able to access?--Rebekah Kabugo-Mugisha, on hot issues facing customers and CX pros in Africa

featuring @Sandra De Zoysa,CCXP, @Mr. Carsten Ley,CCXP, @Duong Nguyen,CCXP

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“People like a more direct relationship, and that's what excites me here, it's not really like broadly in Europe and in the US, where everything is a tech solution now, and we have to optimize chatbots. Here, relationships and human-centered value is still very high, and it will not change so fast. And I think that makes it a very interesting customer experience issue because you need to get into the culture and into the behavior of people.” Carsten Ley, CCXP, on what is most exciting about the future of CX in Asia

featuring @Catherine Gauthier,CCXP @Sandra Greene,CCXP, @Lawrence Levinson,CCXP, @Firas Mahasen,CCXP

“What is most exciting to me is watching the power shift away from companies that were all about just profit at all cost towards ones that believe in customer experience and employee experience. So whether it's about the great resignation, with so many people no longer tolerating bad work environments, or it's about customers who are choosing companies that are aligned with their values and deciding who they do and do not want to do business with, I really like seeing this shift in power--and companies that were already working on cx already have that. That’s an advantage right now.” Sandra Greene, CCXP, on what excites her about the future of CX in Canada

featuring @Fernando Dantas Santos Jr.,CCXP, @Mr. Bruno Guimaraes, @Mrs. Marina Casses Ballester

“When I compare CX in Brazil from when I started preparing for the CCXP in 2016 or 2017,  I see a huge difference compared to today. CX ecosystems are developing in the region. And when I say ‘ecosystem,’ I mean, education, communities,  content, and digital solutions. I believe a successful CX program depends on a lot of pieces. People are taking certifications, digital solutions, we have more options today than we had in the past. So I think, when I compare five or six years ago with today, I feel that we have a more prepared market to develop successful CX programs.” Fernando Dantas, CCXP, on the growth of CX programs in Brazil

featuring Mike Dyson, @Kylie Green, @Andy McCutcheon @Saiful Nasir, @Jane Treadwell-Hoye,CCXP

“Suddenly, you've got these smaller, nimble businesses that have recognized that simply by setting up a quick Shopify site, with some smarts around it, they can actually aggregate sales and take market share from you. So businesses really need to understand what their north star CX strategy is and how that plays out.” Jane Treadwell-Hoye, CCXP on hot issues facing customers and CX pros in the region

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