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I help organizations gain market leadership through customer-centricity. I have worked with blue chip clients to help them deliver on their brand promise and foster customer loyalty through great experiences. I am originally from the USA, and have been based in South Africa since 2010. I leverage my knowledge of global best practices and understanding of the local market to create customized solutions that unite organizations around the customer.

I received BA in Economics from Scripps College, in California and started my career as a management consultant, primarily working with clients in the financial services industry. Early on, I became interested in consumer insights and facilitating process improvement in ways that both enhanced efficiency and benefited customers. This eventually progressed into implementing customer-centered strategic change, and I expanded into other industries. Customer experience has been my primary area of professional focus for over 12 years.

I am now a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and provide customer experience advisory services to clients as an independent consultant.

CX is more than just an area of expertise, it's also what gets me fired up! Nothing brings a smile to my face like seeing an organization achieve success improving the way it connects with consumers.

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