Advancing CX Across the Globe: Meet Our Regional Leaders

By Nicole DuMont posted 02-02-2023 03:52 PM


In 2022, CXPA established Regional Leadership Councils to help us better understand and serve the CX community worldwide. Today, we are excited to announce the appointment of the 2023 Regional Councils and the dedicated individuals that will lead each group.  These individuals bring a wealth of experience and skills to the organization and will play a critical role in helping us achieve our goals.

The following individuals will serve as 2023 Regional Council Leaders:

Africa: Georges Essama

Asia: Pranav Kumar

Canada: Catherine Gauthier, CCXP and Larry Leung

Europe: Ana Iorga

Latin America & the Caribbean: Samantha Conyers, CCXP and Enrique Saenz, CCXP

Middle East: Natalia Jaramillo, CCXP

Oceania: Ian Stokol, CCXP

United Kingdom (UK): Amanda Whiteside, CCXP and Alex Russell-Rutherford, CCXP

United States (US): Vasu Rao, CCXP

These leaders will be supported by more than 75 additional CXPA members serving as Regional Council members.  Additionally, more than 100 CXPA members serve as Network leaders or volunteers. They will work closely with CXPA staff and the 2023 CXPA Board to create opportunities, awareness and initiatives and play a vital role in helping CXPA achieve its vision of a world where empowered CX Professionals inspire exceptional outcomes.  You can find the rosters for all these leaders in the “Meet Our Team” section of the CXPA website.

Interested in getting involved? Reach out to the leaders in your area or me at We will also continue to post volunteer and workgroup opportunities on the website.

Thank you to each of these leaders – I look forward to seeing what we accomplish together in 2023!