Directory of CXPA Volunteers

Thank you to our CXPA volunteers!

We are thankful to the CXPA members who volunteer their time and talent to advance CXPA (and the staff that support these committees). You can view committee rosters using the search tool below.

Interested in volunteering?

Review our Committee descriptions below, and then check out current open opportunities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the global governing body for CXPA. Board appointment is for a three-year term. The Board currently meets monthly by video conference. Strategy planning sessions are held over the course of two days in September, either virtually or in-person as determined by the Board. Board members must attend 75% of scheduled meetings in a rolling 12-month period. Board members are responsible for the time, travel and participation costs associated with service. (Partial or full reimbursement may be available in cases of hardship or exceptional costs, such as non-employer-reimbursed international travel.)  Additionally, Board members are expected to support the activities of the CXPA such as assisting as needed to complete the work of the Board, Region(s) and strategic directions.

Regional Leadership Councils

CXPA has adopted ten geographic regions to ensure that every CXPA member has a community home within CXPA that is relevant to the state of CX in their region as well as the cultural and socio-economic needs of the area. The regions are Africa; Asia; Brazil; Canada; Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; Middle East; Oceania; United Kingdom; and United States.

Each Regional has a Regional Leadership Council that at a minimum meets quarterly to help advise the CXPA Board and CEO on the state of CX in their region as well as the cultural and socio-economic needs of the area. These individuals also help represent CXPA at events and give feedback on potential programs and partnerships in the region.

CCXP Program

The CCXP is the independent industry certification for CX professionals, developed by the CXPA. It is currently held by more than 1,300 CX professionals. CCXP is a hiring preference for leading companies across the globe.

  • The CCXP Program is governed by the CCXP Advisory Council which meets virtually approximately every month. Additional work occurs between meetings.
  • The CCXP Item-Writing Committee are CCXPs that write and revise questions for the CCXP exam under advisement from professional psychometrician.
  • The CCXP Application Review Committee are CCXPs who review CCXP applications to recommend applicants who are best poised to pass a rigorous examination.
  • Life as a CCXP Sub-Committee focuses on adding value to the those who hold the CCXP certification and advising on ways to make the CCXP renewal process better known and effective.

CX Day Planning Committee

CX Day is the community celebration of Customer Experience established and supported by the CXPA. It is celebrated on the first Tuesday of October.

The CX Day 2023 planning committee will assist with the development of the CX Day theme, spotlight video, and support for those seeking to host CX Day events. This work will be virtual, including monthly meetings beginning in January, with additional meetings as CX Day approaches.

CXPA Networks

CXPA Networks are volunteer CXPA member-led groups help to foster connection and community for CXPA members and prospective members in their city, state, country, or region. Networks range significantly in size, scope, and history, but to be considered as an active Network, they must organize at least two gatherings per year – though some organize two or more per month. The specific roles and extent of volunteer commitment varies with the above factors.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advancement Committee

The DEI Advancement Committee meets every other month to advise staff and collaborate within the committee, CXPA leadership and the CXPA community to help make CXPA a more inclusive organization. The Committee organizes learning programs, provides feedback on CXPA activities, and assists in developing resources to support CX professionals being more inclusive in their work.

CXPA Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is comprised of three Board of Director representatives as well as three members at-large. The bulk of its work is completed in October and November when Leadership applications are evaluated. Work is completed by individual review and conference calls, often reaching approximately 20 hours of service during this period.