“Inspiring Racial Equity” Event Organizers Win CXPA’s Extra Mile Award

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 11-12-2020 03:34 PM


The murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent protests in the United States and globally, caused individuals and businesses to reflect on their own role in effecting positive racial and social change.

But for a group of CXPA members in Boston and Atlanta, reflection wasn’t enough—it was time to act.

"In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others, it felt imperative to me to address CX’s role in racial justice and how CX practitioners could help their companies identify and eliminate inequity within the experiences they design for their customers," said Charlotte Reel, who organized the event.

Reel convened Alyson Bloch, Elizabeth Curtin, Gary David, PhD, CCS, Richard Dorfman, Sandra Mathis, CCXP, Tim Ozirsky, Jerry Seufert, Karl Sharicz, CCXP, and Brett Sharp,  of the Boston and Atlanta networks to plan and execute a virtual event called “Inspiring Racial Equity: How CX Professionals Can Guide Their Organizations to Tackle This Urgent Issue.”

The event convened industry leaders such as Mathis, Stephanie C. Harris, Thomas Houston, and Gary David to examine the history around the intersection between the label of “customer” and race. The event aimed to chart a path forward for CX pros grappling with their role in effecting change in their organizations.

“The power of CXPA, like the power of social movements, is unleashed when people come together to achieve a common goal,” said Greg Melia, CAE and CEO of CXPA.  “It all begins when an individual or team advances conversations and makes a call for action.” 

Tackling key questions such as the role of race in customer experience, how CX pros can root out bias in CX tools, and strategies professionals can use to advance diversity and inclusion conversations in their organizations, the virtual event did not shy away from the task at hand.

"By recognizing the 'Bostlanta' team with the Extra Mile award, the CXPA Board shows that our event made an impact and that the conversation surrounding racial equity will continue," said Reel.

On the road to racial equity, these CXPA members truly went the extra mile, said Melia.

“We thank and celebrate these Extra Mile Awards winners for their quick, professional, and dedicated advocacy for empowering CX professionals to inspire racial equity in their organizations.”

To watch the full conversation, click below.