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CXPA Need to Know for the Week of September 20th

Help Us Create a Social Media Buzz for CX Day If you’re a company or individual celebrating CX Day, we invite you to share your virtual event screenshots, boomerangs and videos on your social channels, and tag us. We can’t wait for you to join us in creating a social buzz on ...

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From Transaction to Transformation – the Role of the Chief Customer Officer in Driving Sustainable Growth

Many organizations now appoint Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) with the goal of continually improving and delivering a better experience for customers. While well-intentioned, this experiential and journey-level focus does not go far enough. Organizations often focus on transactional customer...

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On CX Day and Every Day, the Show Must Go On

Imagine you’re attending one of your favorite Broadway shows. You bought your tickets way in advance and, after months of waiting, you finally take your seat. A few hours later you exit the theater thinking, “Wow, what a great show! The cast was amazing.” And you’re right. The cast was amazing...

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