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CXPA Need to Know for the Week of January 25th

Are you passionate about CX in Higher Ed? The CXPA launched a community initiative to develop a list of all institutions of higher learning that offer Customer Experience programs, courses, certificates, or degrees. The first phase in this project relies on the...

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From Ship to Shore—Patricia Sanchez-Diaz, CCXP, Shares her CX Evolution

Starting out—watching the ships As a young girl growing up in the African town of Ceuta off the Strait of Gibraltar, Patricia Sanchez-Diaz, CCXP, became fascinated with global trade. From the window of her home or the comfort of the local beach, it was hard to miss the massive ships she...

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Stay Connected in 2021

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2021! In line with the mission statement CXPA developed towards the end of 2020--“We support CX professionals to share, learn, inspire, and grow throughout their entire career,”--I am excited about the year ahead and our future together. I hope you are,...

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