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10 Tips for Communicating with Customers Through Crisis

At the beginning of the pandemic, amongst the barrage of COVID-19-related emails I received from various companies (Hello, “unsubscribe”), one stuck out as noteworthy: an email from my mortgage company titled “ Important Coronavirus Information about Your Loan ”. Curious, I opened it, only to...

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A Triumph of Perseverance: How Muneera AlSunaid Finally Earned Her CCXP—and How You Can, Too

Muneera AlSunaid had never heard of a certification in customer experience (CX) until she was in a 2017 interview with the COO of the largest insurance company in Saudi Arabia. In the meeting, the impressed executive urged her to apply her knowledge toward obtaining the Certified Customer...

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CXPA Need to Know for the Week of July 26th

Celebrate CX Day Tuesday October 5th Each year the worldwide CXPA community, companies and CX advocates host events to recognize and celebrate the importance of customers, customer experience, and customer experience professionals. Everyone is welcome to celebrate CX Day! We...

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