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Customer Experience Science

In 1620, Francis Bacon broke with the conventions of his time by articulating a new approach to investigating nature. It’s what we now call the Scientific Method, a way of thinking which remains the gold standard for how we comprehend the world today. Instead of looking to fate or mysticism...

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Could your Customer Experience surveys be more ‘Netflix’?

Personalisation is key to Netflix’s success. The same can be said for Spotify, Amazon, Google and a host of other tech giants. They have become experts at leveraging the vast amounts of data they collect from their customers. They track every search we make, every product we buy, every post...

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Can sinking customer survey response rates ever be revived?

Response rates have always been a challenge for the insight community but now more than ever we need to focus on what can be done to reverse the downward trend that’s been witnessed since the late 1990s and which has, in some cases, been exacerbated by the pandemic. What are some of the...

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Negative Reviews Are a Gift

You are online researching service providers and you find one. What do you do next? Chances are you’re going to read reviews. In fact, marketing company Bright Local says that 84% of people do just that. And, if there are enough reviews, you’re likely to believe what other people say. If you...

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Diagnosing Customers’ New Behavior During the Pandemic

The last time you looked up product reviews, which ones did you notice first, 5-star, or 1-star? Also, how many 5-star reviews does it take to offset a 1-star review? Probably more than one. Today, I'm talking about why that is, and it comes down to two words that describe our instinctive...

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How To Make CX & Voice of Customer YOUR Game Changer

Who are your favorite companies, and what makes you brand loyal? People typically answer this question based on how well a business understands and meets their needs. Buying decisions go way beyond price as we often pay a higher cost to shop at a particular place. Consider coffee, for...

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Webinar Review: Conducting Virtual Video Research

Medallia is a 2020 Silver Sponsor of CXPA. This review was conducted at CXPA's request. The opinions expressed herein are from the author, who was not compensated. Webinar link: Webinar title: Conducting Virtual Video Research The data...

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3 Customer Interview Skills for Better Results

Interviewing customers requires skills that can be learned, honed, and mastered. Better skills = better results. The deepest insights spring from sincere conversations with customers about their experiences. A skilled interviewer creates these conversations. Great customer interviews: ...

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Employee Satisfaction: The Covid-19 Metrics You Need to Know

Bill Gates said, “The coronavirus pandemic pits all of humanity against the virus.” And that about summarizes our current state. While it’s unifying how we’re faced with the same challenge, there’s significant variation among individual experiences. This is highlighted in the relationship...

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VoC Basics

This is part two of a series of posts on the four components of a good CX system. I introduced the concept here and my first post, on CX strategic alignment, is here . Soon I’ll write about Process Engineering and wrap up with notes on what it takes to build and maintain a Customer-centric...

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