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CXPA Roundtable Discussion: Death of the Survey?

Are surveys as CX Pros know them dead? Are they dying? Or are they alive and evolving? CXPA is excited to host 2020’s first, members-only educational roundtable to explore these questions and more. We’ll begin with a 30 minute panel discussion featuring CXPA members and experts, then open the...

 02-26-2020 | 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM ET

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Sweetening the Pot or Souring It? The Impacts of Score Begging and What CX Pros Can Do About It

It was hard to miss the yellow hand-written sign posted directly above the cash register. “Chance to win 1 of 3 gift cards,” someone had written in green magic marker. Three cards were in the offing, two $10 cards and a $5 card, and the sign’s author had detailed a two-step process to be...

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From Data To Action: Profiling the Modern Insights Team (Medallia)

To win in today’s increasingly customer-driven world, companies must understand their customers’ needs and satisfy those needs better than any of their competitors. Data about customers can provide valuable insights, but to see results, a company must transform insights into well-timed action....


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CA’s CX Transformation: The Quest for Loyalty and Growth (Sponsored Webinar by Medallia)

We know that happier customers are more loyal, which means better business outcomes, but how do companies make the leap to become truly customer-centric and drive business growth with a customer experience strategy? Faced with the challenge of revitalizing revenue growth in a rapidly changing...

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Changing the Game: Transformation Through Technology and People (Sponsored Webinar by Confirmit)

So many organizations are trying to transform themselves and many look to technology as some kind of silver bullet. Technology can help, but when change isn’t fully realized, and the world’s problems are not magically swept aside, where is the blame placed? On the technology? Or the people using...

CXPA Sponsored Webinar by Confirmit_ Changing the Game_ Transformation Through Technology and People.mp4

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Feedback as a Service (CXPartners)

Feedback as a Service (FaaS) Our Managed Services Offering Voice of the Customer (VoC) Strategy Development We help you define your customer feedback strategy to ensure that what you learn from your clients is acted upon, integrated within your culture, and effectively communicated to all...


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The 2017 Voice of the Customer Practices Inventory (CX Solutions)

OBJECTIVES: ✓ Determine how member organizations go about listening to and learning from the Voice of the Customer ✓ Gauge members’ perceptions of the overall success of their Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs ✓ Relative to ten areas that are key to VoC program effectiveness: ▪ Determine...

CXPA _VoiceoftheCustomer_InventoryReport_July 2017.pdf

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Intelligent Customer Experience (Verint)

There is no one more powerful or important than your customer. How do you get your customers to reward your brand with increase loyalty and increase revenue? Watch this video for a few short tips. #CustomerCentricCulture #VOCCustomerInsightUnderstanding #VOCApproaches


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Amplify Your Voice of the Customer Initiatives (Verint)

How to Successfully Transform Your Customer Experience Program with Digital Feedback Businesses around the world are aggressively driving customer interactions to digital channels (web, mobile web and mobile apps) to lower the cost of doing business — and because customers are demanding it. In...

Amplify_Your_VoC_Initiatives_ebook-(English US).pdf

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