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Driving Business Growth with Branding, CX & Insights and Writing Blogs on Making Branded CX Easy for Professionals
With over a decade of experience in the branding, CX, and insights domains, I specialize in using insights to help companies reach their business goals. In my current role, I lead my insight team to work across multiple banking products to integrate cutting-edge insights into our unique branding and customer experience strategies. These strategies result in reinforced positioning, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention - all keys to success in business growth! But that's not all - not only do I specialize in delivering tangible business results, but I also love sharing my expertise with others. I write thought-provoking articles on Marketing and Branded CX and create engaging marketing cartoons that have resonated with professionals worldwide, and even received an endorsement from the legendary marketing guru —the Positioning pioneer—himselfAl Ries! My knowledge-seeking journey has taken me far as well; I'm now certified by both CCXP and Bain & Co.
If you're interested in hearing more from me, you can check out my blog posts at CXPA or LinkedIn. Let's connect and grow together!
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