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3 Ways CX Pros Can Get Started Creating Better Employee Experience

The relationship between employee experience and customer experience has long been discussed. Without engaged employees, we’re told, it’s difficult to create great experiences for customers. And the data appears to back this assertion. A 2019 study from Glassdoor found that, for every 1-star...

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Making Transformational Changes through B2B Customer Experience Management

“Employee engagement drives transformational changes that enable you to have quality in everything you do,” explained Carolyn Muise, Vice President of Total Customer Experience (TCE) at EMC in our 2015 interview on my Customer Experience Transformation talk show. She continued: “We’re shifting...

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2017 Customer Experience Resolutions

What’s new in 2017 customer experience management? Like most resolutions, what’s new is less about shiny objects and more about mastery of down-to-earth principles. It’s all about keeping your eye on the prize with a sensible plan. Tech gizmos may add excitement or ease, and...

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Leveraging CX to Seize the Opportunity When Competitors Merge

Two of your competitors are merging. You have two choices – wait and see what happens or aggressively try to grab as much market share as you can. What would you do? Psychology studies tell us that people are twice as risk adverse as growth oriented. However, the psychology tests are...

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Doug Woodard talks about being a CX-focused Leader

Doug Woodard was new to his company when he had to terminate a long tenured employee. Doug faced a lot of fear in letting her go and facing the team. While wanting to take ownership of the decision Doug was not able to be transparent with the details. Listen to Doug’s story of how he was...

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SMART Customer Experience Management

“Hard work does not guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work” - Dr. T.P. Chia. This quote is applicable to school, work, sports, relationships and all sorts of life dimensions. But what needs to be done besides hard work to guarantee success? Opportunity, luck, thinking...

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Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design

The Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design™ (EQCX) framework is used to unlock and sustain the emotional power in organizations. The primary driver in customer engagement and loyalty is emotion. Through leveraging this framework emotion can become a differentiating asset. The...

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10 Silos Impact Customer Experience

Does your business have a silo detective? This might be the highest-ROI effort of your customer experience council, chief customer officer, chief operating officer — or better yet, every employee. Things that don’t make sense in the way business is done can almost always be traced to silo...

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Inspire Voice of the Customer Actions: 12 Ideas

Lackluster voice-of-the-customer (VoC) is a common dilemma. Customer surveys that seemed so exciting initially get a ho-hum reaction when average ratings are stagnant. Employee engagement that you hoped to spur in customer experience management goes by the wayside when it looks like the company...