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Bridging the gap between sales and marketing: Innovative, creative, influential, skilled, analytical, and action-minded are some of the traits that I engage to help clients, colleagues, and friends. Help them to do what? Whatever they need. I was born to serve and help others to be the best "they" want to be.

"I believe the miraculous results from the fearless pursuit of helping others achieve a common purpose liberates the leader in us all."

Making business goals even better with a creative eye and grounded by analytical insights is what I do as a strategic and tactical advisor. I have earned and strive to maintain trusted advisor status from clients and business partners in people, process, and technology areas.

I briefly celebrate successes and continually push myself and influence others to achieve higher performance. I have gained a broad set of skills that helps to reduce departmental silos by focusing on the needs and well-being of others and using emotional intelligence, and the ethical science of influence and persuasion.

As a Chief Customer Experience Officer with sales and marketing responsibilities I am constantly hunting for ways improve business velocity for ourselves and clients.

Specialties: Chief Customer Experience Officer, Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence Certified, Customer Experience Expert Panelist (CXPA), Customer Engagement, Leadership Development, Big Data, Contact Center, Business Intelligence, Customer Experience Analytics, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Business Development, Question Based Selling, Social Media, Social Customer Service, Speech Analytics, Text Analytics, Quality Monitoring, Desktop Activity Analytics, Analytics Outsourcing, Business Intelligence Services, Ethical Persuasion and Influence,


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