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Leveraging CX to Seize the Opportunity When Competitors Merge

Two of your competitors are merging. You have two choices – wait and see what happens or aggressively try to grab as much market share as you can. What would you do? Psychology studies tell us that people are twice as risk adverse as growth oriented. However, the psychology tests are...

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Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design

The Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design™ (EQCX) framework is used to unlock and sustain the emotional power in organizations. The primary driver in customer engagement and loyalty is emotion. Through leveraging this framework emotion can become a differentiating asset. The...

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Business-to-Business Customer Experience Advice Highlights

Business-to-business customer experience management has certain complexities and advantages that need to be well understood by practitioners and vendors alike. All too often, it is assumed that B2B needs to be doing the same thing that B2C companies are doing, or that B2B companies are way...

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Is Your Company ‘Ready’ for Customer Experience?

That might seem like a strange question – especially from someone who gets paid to help companies along their CX Journey. But it’s an important one to ask. Here’s why: CX Design is different from other customer-facing initiatives. Advertising campaigns come and go. Promotions are short-lived by...

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Voice of the Customer – Great! But what is it?

The term Voice of the Customer is widely spoken about in the Customer Experience world and, alongside Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Effort Score, is considered to be one of the most important research techniques/ metrics on offer to CX professionals. That being said, for...