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Who’s Your Best Tech Support CX? GoDaddy!

By Patrick Dawson posted 08-31-2015 09:20 AM


Imagine, if you will, a tech support department that actually wants to speak with customers – not after they’re paid a fee, or you’ve booked an appointment, or you finally uncover a service phone number buried on its web site – while you’re still screaming.The customer experience at GoDaddy is so refreshing it almost makes fatal errors fun. I know because I just returned from Cyber Hell, where, among other atrocities, an idiot can hack your wi fi network, exhausting your ‘relay capacity’ and leaving you unable to communicate with the world.

My cyber invasion took me on a whirlwind visit of all the support departments that comprise Conga’s ‘digital team’: Apple, HP, MicoCenter, Comcast, and GoDaddy. To be fair, each contributed a piece of the ultimate solution, but the key player – and by far the easiest with whom to collaborate – was GoDaddy.   

If you’ve not had the pleasure, here’s some of the customer experience you’re missing:
A 24/7 support desk
A bolded tech support phone number easily found atop the home page
Localized phone numbers and languages worldwide
A phone tree recording that stops your screaming mid-sentence: “Looking for tech support? We love helping customers.”

I asked Kevin Pigman, GoDaddy’s SVP of Global Customer Care, about the company’s approach to CX.

“Our 13-million customers are mostly small business owners and entrepreneurs,” Pigman explained, “most of whom are not technically savvy, but are smart people focused on what they do and driven to be their own boss and tell their own story. We understand that not everyone likes to solve their problems reading help documents online. So having a person in the country they’re calling is a benefit our customers love…We take customer satisfaction seriously. I’m proud that GoDaddy’s NPS score with customers who call in for help is nearly 60.”

GoDaddy's company culture in a key enabler on delivering the desired customer experience.

“We view our customers as the North Star,” Pigman said. “Their needs guide everything we do. So the key to our success is knowing the customer and meeting them at their level… (our employees) are empowered to make decisions and solve issues quickly so our customer can spend time doing what they do best.”

Nearly 60% of GoDaddy’s workforce is comprised of Customer Care associates, many of whom, Pigman said “have a wealth of business knowledge to share as well.”

The lasting impression is that GoDaddy leaves small business owners feeling they have their own IT department at their disposal. Imagine… a tech company that actually gets customer experience.

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