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Reflections on the Causes of Lousy Customer Experiences

These days, it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t say it competes on customer experience. At the same time, we know as both CX pros and consumers that many – some might say most – deliver mediocre experiences on a good day and flat-out crummy experiences most of the time. What is the...

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Why the 'just keep it' return policy may not help your CX in the long run

When companies say things like, “Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!” we all know there’s still one extra cost: whatever it takes to return the product for an exchange, refund or store credit. In some cases, especially recently, that cost has involved shipping the product back to...

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From Customer Experience to Enterprise Experience: Aligning CX and Corporate Strategy for Results

I’ve always been a customer experience (CX) professional and advocate. So when my CEO approached me to take on the role of corporate strategy and Chief of Staff, I was immediately intrigued. How would my CX skills and background translate to corporate strategy? What would that mean for my role...

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Please! Experience Your Customer’s Experience!

“Terrified. Mortified. Petrified. Stupefied”, so said Russel Crowe’s character, John Nash, in the movie, A Beautiful Mind. And so, I am (am I)! Here’s a sampling of my recent experiences with a broad range of companies across a wide range of industries (consumer goods; automobiles; business...

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About that Call for a U.S. Federal Chief Customer Officer…

In the U.S., there’s no shortage of special interest groups that want to get the attention of the Biden-Harris administration right now. From immigration to trade to animal rights, the asks and recommendations have been flying. Recently, Forrester, a consulting firm that has government...

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Are Pre-Mortems and Post-Mortems Part of Your Work Plan?

In a post I wrote earlier this year about change and some of the learnings and takeaways from the pandemic and the business crisis that created, I noted that that we had/have a lot to learn. Here’s one of those takeaways that I haven’t written about yet: the importance of conducting pre...

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3 Things That Really Matter in your Customer Experience Strategy

The evidence is clear. Implementing a good customer experience strategy helps companies boost customer engagement, loyalty and their financial performance. This has been confirmed in multiple research studies by leading experts such as McKinsey, Forrester and KPMG . The more useful...

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Getting CX Right: Sears PartsDirect

There’s plenty of bad CX out there. But I had an experience not long ago with a company that was so good it’s inspired me to start a new feature in my writing (and new category on the blog) today called “Getting CX Right” to celebrate those organizations (naming names!) that knock it out of the...

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Why Improving Lives Is Value Creation At It's Finest

As customer experience professionals, you are surely well aware of the skepticism that organizations have when it comes to investing in designing purposeful experiences. While operators certainly hope that their organizations are delivering interactions that satisfy their customers, making it a...

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Linking the Employee & Customer Experience: A Practical Guide to the Holy Grail

Pundits and CEOs have long debated the relative merits of whether to focus primarily on the Customer Experience (CX) or the Employee Experience (EX). Should the emphasis be on the direct experience of customers, who are the source of the revenues that fuel the firm, or should the company...

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