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The 'Experience' of Customer Experience Design

This article first appeared at As I’ve settled into a new customer experience (CX) role over the last year, I’ve thought a bit about my CX journey and the way organizations often react to introducing CX into the corporate...

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CX on a Global Scale: A Conversation between Bob Azman, CCXP, and Steve Walker

CXPA Board Chair Bob Azman, CCXP , recently appeared on The CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker to talk about considerations for delivering better customer experiences around the world. While acknowledging the importance of implementing consistent brand elements when operating globally,...

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Are customers part of your plan? Then make them part of your planning.

Strategic planning is critical to every successful organization, on multiple levels. No matter if planning activity happens in an overarching, organizational sense, or in team- or client-specific scenarios, leaders have to make important decisions toward achieving a desired future business state...

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Conversation Starters: Promote Customer Thinking Without Preaching or Jargon

One of the things I really like about being a consultant now after having been in the trenches for four years as a federal agency customer experience leader is coaching people on how to socialize the concepts of customer experience as a management discipline within their respective agencies....

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The Convergence of Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Bringing Your Customer Communications into the 21st Century and into Alignment with Customer ExpectationsWhen it comes to the customer experience (CX) strategy, customer communications are often one of the most overlooked – yet critical – components of the customer journey. In many cases, the...

Whitepaper - The Convergence of CCM and CXM.PDF

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2017 Customer Experience Resolutions

What’s new in 2017 customer experience management? Like most resolutions, what’s new is less about shiny objects and more about mastery of down-to-earth principles. It’s all about keeping your eye on the prize with a sensible plan. Tech gizmos may add excitement or ease, and...

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Leveraging CX to Seize the Opportunity When Competitors Merge

Two of your competitors are merging. You have two choices – wait and see what happens or aggressively try to grab as much market share as you can. What would you do? Psychology studies tell us that people are twice as risk adverse as growth oriented. However, the psychology tests are...

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How to Make Customer Experience Strategy Integral to Corporate Strategy

Customer experience management in your company (a) a subset of corporate strategy, (b) unrelated to corporate strategy, or (c) a determinant of corporate strategy? This question was asked in the ClearAction Annual Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Best Practices Study . And...

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Customer Experience + Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s

What happens when the Chief Marketing Officer doubles as Chief Customer Experience Officer? Is it as natural and advantageous as the C-team expects? It all depends on motives and perspective. How Marketers Think of Customer Experience Marketing professionals think of customer experience in...