Reducing CX Stagnation and Driving Innovation: 5 Takeaways from CXPA's LinkedIn Live

By CXPA Admin posted 26 days ago


In a recent LinkedIn Live event hosted by CXPA, Ryan Driscoll of commonFont, a CX professional services firm that provides technical delivery capabilities and consultative advisory services, joined CXPA’s Gabe Smith, CCXP, for a conversation on how CX pros can reduce stagnation and drive focused innovation in their organizations. Here are a few key takeaways from the conversation:

  1. CX Pros are Navigating Budgetary Pressures: Ryan highlighted the challenge of demonstrating the value of CX investments amid budget constraints, emphasizing the importance of educating stakeholders about the connection between CX initiatives and organizational objectives: "CX leaders have the difficult job of educating and showing the value of how investments into CX connect to different stakeholders across the business."
  2. Collaboration is Critical: According to Ryan, developing a collaborative strategic roadmap is essential for preventing CX programs from stagnating: "We need to make sure that we have developed that roadmap and we have a point of view on what that could look like. But it's not developed in a silo, this is a collaborative effort."
  3. Simplifying Complexity: Addressing complexity in CX programs requires clarity and alignment with organizational goals. Ryan emphasized the importance of asking intentional questions and ensuring initiatives tie back to the overarching CX vision: "Sometimes we just need to slow down, we need to ask really intentional questions to build the business case for what it is that we're looking to achieve."
  4. Measuring Impact: Ryan stressed the need to tie CX metrics back to financial and operational KPIs to demonstrate value to stakeholders: "For CX metrics to be effective, they need to tie back to business value."
  5. Continuous Improvement: Ryan emphasized the importance of a structured process for planning, executing, and measuring outcomes to drive continuous improvement: "To drive stakeholder adoption of innovation, CX leaders must articulate clear objectives, measure outcomes effectively, and share success stories internally and externally."

Want to hear more? Watch the full broadcast below.