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Doug Woodard talks about being a CX-focused Leader

Doug Woodard was new to his company when he had to terminate a long tenured employee. Doug faced a lot of fear in letting her go and facing the team. While wanting to take ownership of the decision Doug was not able to be transparent with the details. Listen to Doug’s story of how he was...

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What the CEO Really Wants to Know About Your CX Plans

There may be no other step in the CX journey that causes more angst among CX champions than having “the talk.” You know, the one where you go to your CEO and tell them about this great idea you have that’ll solve everything if you can just have a little seed money and a couple of co-conspirators...

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The Market Basket Story - A Cultural Victory

This week I attended a lecture at our local library by Grant Welker, local reporter for the Lowell Sun and co-author of a book just released titled, We Are Market Basket. If you live in the New England area, you could not have escaped the daily news reporting a year ago of this local...

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Wise Use of Champions in Customer Experience Governance

Many customer experience efforts start off with a small group of people conducting a survey. The idea is to show the results to management and then figure out what needs to be done. This may go on for a few survey cycles in order to show a compelling trend, or to assure managers that the status...

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