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Are You a Customer Experience Hero?

Do you dream of being — or being saved by — a customer experience action hero? Maybe you dream of your customer-facing staff, or your executives, as customer experience action heroes? Not so fast. Action Heroics As exciting as swashbucklers, comic book characters, folklore figures,...

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The Market Basket Story - A Cultural Victory

This week I attended a lecture at our local library by Grant Welker, local reporter for the Lowell Sun and co-author of a book just released titled, We Are Market Basket. If you live in the New England area, you could not have escaped the daily news reporting a year ago of this local...

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Win Raving Fans Even If You’re Losing Games: How the Arizona Diamondbacks Create Great Customer Experiences

More thoughts from the Insight Exchange in San Diego. Jeannie Walters already did a great summary the strategies discussed by Arizona Diamondbacks CEO, Derrick Hall in his opening keynote, and I urge you to read it. This blog post focuses on some of the tactics he outlined. Derrick Hall,...

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How Human Resources Can Add Value to Customer Experience Excellence

Customer experience (CX) is all about people getting what they need in their lives. People in your company are central to designing and delivering great customer experiences. So Human Resources (HR) departments can make a big difference is helping companies achieve CX goals, as we discussed in ...