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Tema Frank is a customer experience, web user experience, and digital marketing pioneer & thought leader, who founded the world’s first omnichannel customer service testing company, Web Mystery Shoppers, in 2001.

Using social media techniques before social media existed she developed a panel of 75,000 website and customer service testers worldwide, and served Fortune 500 customers such as Bank of America and Expedia, as well as governments, non-profits, and smaller companies.

She's the author of 2 best-selling books, including “PeopleShock: The Path To Profits When Customers Rule”, which was a finalist for the Best Book Award in Business in 2016.

A highly rated international speaker, educator and consultant, who presents in English and French, Tema (rhymes with Emma) is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).  

She speaks about the 3Ps of Profit: Promise, People & Process, which must all be optimized to provide consistently great customer experience. She also talks about Purple Marketing (TM), which blends elements of male and female traits to provide better individualized customer experiences. 
Her messages are tailored to the audience level, industry, and needs of the event planners. One topic of particular interest to senior leaders is how to strike the right balance of automation, artificial intelligence, and human skills for organizations to thrive.

Tema Frank also brings employee experience expertise, drawing on the case studies from her 1st best-seller about best employers for women (which, her research found, are great for men too, even if the reverse is not always true).

She has spoken in the United States, Canada, France, Mexico and South Africa. More countries coming soon.  

A podcaster since 2012, Tema hosts the Frank Reactions Podcast on Customer Experience, where she interviews industry executives and CX thought leaders.

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She loves to travel. In 2018-19 she will be working from the following locations, so there’s a chance to get her speaking to your audience with smaller travel costs than usual.

- Vancouver, Canada (May 2018)
- London, UK (early June – mid-October 2018)
- Argentina (mid-October – mid-November 2018)
- Lima, Peru (mid-November 2018 – mid-Feb 2019)
- Vancouver, Canada (mid-Feb 2019 – mid-May 2019)
- France or Australia (June – Aug 2019)


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