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Design a Winning CX Playbook (Sponsored Webinar by InMoment)

Recent research showed that less than one-third of CX initiatives can claim the clear "win" that CEOs are demanding. Will your company be a success story, or end up on a failed CX journey? How can you protect yourself and ensure that you have a sustainable strategy for CX success? Join this...

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Is CX Excellence Really About Centering Your Business on Customers?

What is your business centered on? Investors, competition, innovation, or customers? The rule of the game is to follow the money. Sure, it comes from all these motives, but it springs from customers buying your offerings. When customers quit buying, all the rest becomes irrelevant. Centering...

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Pop-up project reveals the current status of customer orientation in Finnish Boards of Directors

An interesting Pop-up project called ‘Customer Advocates on Board’ is currently ongoing in Finland. The purpose of the project is to boost discussion about the significance of customer experience as a strategic topic for companies, with specific emphasis on its role in Boards of Directors. ...

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What the CEO Really Wants to Know About Your CX Plans

There may be no other step in the CX journey that causes more angst among CX champions than having “the talk.” You know, the one where you go to your CEO and tell them about this great idea you have that’ll solve everything if you can just have a little seed money and a couple of co-conspirators...

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Is Your Company ‘Ready’ for Customer Experience?

That might seem like a strange question – especially from someone who gets paid to help companies along their CX Journey. But it’s an important one to ask. Here’s why: CX Design is different from other customer-facing initiatives. Advertising campaigns come and go. Promotions are short-lived...

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