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Making Transformational Changes through B2B Customer Experience Management

“Employee engagement drives transformational changes that enable you to have quality in everything you do,” explained Carolyn Muise, Vice President of Total Customer Experience (TCE) at EMC in our 2015 interview on my Customer Experience Transformation talk show. She continued: “We’re shifting...

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How to Make Customer Experience Strategy Integral to Corporate Strategy

Customer experience management in your company (a) a subset of corporate strategy, (b) unrelated to corporate strategy, or (c) a determinant of corporate strategy? This question was asked in the ClearAction Annual Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Best Practices Study . And...

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Customer Experience + Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s

What happens when the Chief Marketing Officer doubles as Chief Customer Experience Officer? Is it as natural and advantageous as the C-team expects? It all depends on motives and perspective. How Marketers Think of Customer Experience Marketing professionals think of customer experience in...

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10 Silos Impact Customer Experience

Does your business have a silo detective? This might be the highest-ROI effort of your customer experience council, chief customer officer, chief operating officer — or better yet, every employee. Things that don’t make sense in the way business is done can almost always be traced to silo...

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Business-to-Business Customer Experience Advice Highlights

Business-to-business customer experience management has certain complexities and advantages that need to be well understood by practitioners and vendors alike. All too often, it is assumed that B2B needs to be doing the same thing that B2C companies are doing, or that B2B companies are way...