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Customer-centric culture

An environment that encourages all employees to continuously improve their customer awareness and knowledge with the ability to appropriately act and improve the customer experience

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Assessing how your company culture supports customer experience (CX) can be slippery business. Because culture is often ill defined and difficult to assess, many organizations focus only on what they can see—like corporate values with the word “customer” tossed in every now and then; CX posters in the hallways; and training classes for customer service employees

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Building a Customer-centric culture

Now it’s on to building and supporting a Customer-centric culture...How do you build a Customer-centric culture?

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Creating a Customer Centric Culture

There’s no getting away from it, driving a customer centric culture takes hard work, dedication and commitment. Defining what that culture is can sometimes feel like the hardest part

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Prosper has been focused on building a culture that brings the voice of the customer to the center of our decision making process. We have been hiring additional resources for our customer experience team as well as increasing the level of engagement across all departments, and with our customers through both traditional channels and social media outlets. Over the last year we have increased the frequency of our customer satisfaction surveys, developed additional feedback channels, and have made it our mission to close the feedback loop with our customers. Acting on customer feedback and driving change within the business is the central function of our VoC program

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An entire shift to customer centricity business approach

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Developing Empathy and Customer-Centric Culture

After all, as a customer, it was a simple ‘like for like’ replacement...What would you have done upon learning about my situation as a customer?

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Customer-Centric Culture: Setup For Success

Customer-centricity means so many things to different people, but to customers it means one thing: having their best interests as your top priority

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Customer-Centric Culture: Nurture Customer-Centered Mindsets

These needs. from a customer-centered perspective, are called " customers' jobs-to-be-done ". To n urture customer-centered mindsets, do this: Share customers' feedback, suggestions, and stories broadly and frequently

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