What's New in the CCXP program

What's New with the CCXP Certification

CXPA maintains the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) program in accord with best practices for independent professional certification programs.  We also strive to keep the program current and to continuously improve the CCXP experience.  This page outlines recent CCXP program news to help you keep up to date.


The CCXP exam may now be taken online

Beginning July 2020, candidates worldwide can now schedule and take the CCXP exam online.  Read about this change  and the details of this opportunity.

CXPA sponsors provide support for CCXPs facing financial hardship

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, those for whom financial constraints would prevent maintaining their CCXP certification will be supported in these difficult times. Together, we want to help and support you. If you're unable to renew your CCXP certification due to COVID-19 please contact ccxpsupport@cxpa.org to learn more about this Emergency Fund.

CXPA completes extensive Job Analysis to ensure CCXP remains current

In accord with best practices for professional certification, CXPA conducted an industry survey and job analysis process during 2020.  This research, which included literature review, interviews, and survey responses from CX professionals from around the globe, will be used to update the CCXP content outline effective August 1, 2021.  Work is currently underway to complete the final psychometric steps needed, and the new outline is expected to be released in June 2021 for candidates and the general public.  If you are a content developer that would like to request an advance summary of the report in order to align your future materials with the outline, please send your request to greg@cxpa.org , clearly stating your request for the "CXPA CX Job Analysis Advance Summary for Content Developers" and outlining how you plan to use the report.  Approved requesters will be required to complete a Nondisclosure form.