What's New in the CCXP program

What's New with the CCXP Certification

CXPA maintains the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) program in accord with best practices for independent professional certification programs.  We also strive to keep the program current and to continuously improve the CCXP experience.  This page outlines recent CCXP program news to help you keep up to date.


Companies want CCXPs on Their Team

In the last 700 days, over 250 job posters from companies like Airbnb, Apple, Barclays, Forrester, LexisNexis, and Walgreens, just to name a few, have indicated their preference for a CCXP on cxjobboard.com. The addition of the options of CCXP Required, Preferred, or A Plus, has assisted CCXPs in finding jobs at companies across the world. 

Digital Badges Launched

In March 2022, we announced a new tool for you to promote your status as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). The CXPA partnered with BadgeCert to provide you with digital recognition of your CCXP certification. Learn how to manage and use your digital badge.

CCXP Directory

Want to know where CCXPs are located? Want to verify CCXP status? Look no further than our extensive CCXP directory.

The CCXP exam may now be taken in French

We are proud to announce that we have expanded our certification exam to include a translation of the exam for French speaking CX professionals. The French version has officially launched worldwide and candidates can now select their preference of English or French on their CCXP application.

If you have already been registered to schedule your exam or are already scheduled to take the exam, please email CCXP Support and let us know you would like to switch to the French translation of the exam. If possible, please let us know at least 72 hours (3 days) before your exam date to allow time for us to receive confirmation from Prometric that your preference has been updated.

The CCXP exam may now be taken online

Beginning July 2020, candidates worldwide can now schedule and take the CCXP exam online.  Read about this change  and the details of this opportunity.

CXPA sponsors provide support for CCXPs facing financial hardship

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, those for whom financial constraints would prevent maintaining their CCXP certification will be supported in these difficult times. Together, we want to help and support you. If you're unable to renew your CCXP certification due to COVID-19 please contact ccxpsupport@cxpa.org to learn more about this Emergency Fund.

CXPA completes extensive Job Analysis to ensure CCXP remains current

In accord with best practices for professional certification, CXPA conducted an industry survey and job analysis process during 2020.  This research, which included literature review, interviews, and survey responses from CX professionals from around the globe, will be used to update the CCXP content outline effective August 1, 2021.  Work is currently underway to complete the final psychometric steps needed, and the new outline is expected to be released in June 2021 for candidates and the general public.  If you are a content developer that would like to request an advance summary of the report in order to align your future materials with the outline, please send your request to greg@cxpa.org , clearly stating your request for the "CXPA CX Job Analysis Advance Summary for Content Developers" and outlining how you plan to use the report.  Approved requesters will be required to complete a Nondisclosure form.

CCXP Exam Blueprint

Like other professional certifications, the content of the CCXP program is based on an industry-wide job task analysis and is updated periodically to ensure that the content is both relevant and current. Over the past two years, a professional psychometric firm has worked on behalf of the CCXP program to conduct such a periodic review and update. As part of this process, over 300 customer experience professionals provided feedback on the importance of job tasks covering the scope of the CX profession. The study was reviewed by a panel of diverse CX subject matter experts. The study affirmed the overall CX body of knowledge but recommended that two competency areas could be merged into one. The following performance domains for CX were identified through the results of this analysis and review:

  • Customer Insights and Understanding
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Metrics, Measurements, and ROI
  • Design, Implementation, and Innovation
  • Culture and Accountability

View the updated Exam Blueprint.


In 2021, the CCXP exam was updated to match the findings of the job analysis. New questions were written to assure current job tasks, skills, and abilities were represented based on contemporary CX practice. The new exam content and exam will be in effect as of October 5, 2021. While there are no significant changes in the subjects addressed or changes in the types or formats of questions, the exam will be comprised as follows:

  • Customer Insights and Understanding (22%)
  • Customer Experience Strategy (20%)
  • Metrics, Measurements, and ROI (20%)
  • Design, Implementation, and Innovation (19%)
  • Culture and Accountability (19%)

As a test taker, your experience will be consistent. The updated exam draws on the same type of questions, the same body of knowledge, and the same scale of difficulty. You will not see any new topics that dramatically stand out. Also, you will continue to receive your results after the exam.

Eligibility Requirements

In conjunction with the above updates, CCXP volunteers have also reviewed the requirements that must be met to take the CCXP exam. The higher education requirement has been changed to allow any Post-Secondary Degree to fulfill the education requirement of the standard application pathway. Those without such a post-secondary degree may meet the alternate pathway requirement by documenting five years of work experience that includes three years of CX experience. The impetus for this change is recognition that applicants may have developed relevant work experience in a different department before beginning a CX career.

Review the updated eligibility requirements.