The New Offers Enhanced Opportunities to Connect, Learn, & Advance Your Career

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 04-16-2020 03:57 PM


“Despite the many challenges we face, when we come together, work together, and share together, we advance CX together,” says CXPA’s CEO Greg Melia, CAE, at the conclusion of his video welcoming visitors to the new

More than just an uplifting sentiment, these words—and the spirit behind them--guided the development of the Association’s new website, which has been enhanced to make it easier for CXPA members and supporters to connect with their fellow CX professionals, find and share resources, and advance their careers.

The Power of Connection

For those looking to become more involved in a local network or virtually engage with other CX professionals in a similar niche—such as non-profit or B2B—the “Get Involved” page offers ample opportunities to connect. After joining a community, users can post community-specific discussion topics and learn about upcoming events. CXPA members can also post CX resources to the
community library.
The enhanced site also offers new ways for CXPA members to volunteer, whether to earn credits toward CCXP renewal or simply to contribute thought leadership. Members can search for opportunities that suit their interests, skills, and experiences, and apply for open opportunities that match their qualifications.

Resource Rich

CXPA is proud to offer accurate, timely, non-biased information that helps CX practitioners overcome obstacles in their path to CX transformation, connects professionals from around the globe, and elevates the CX discipline in the marketlace, and now it offers a resource page that is worthy of that ambition. Site visitors can find featured resources from the association—such as CXPA’s Guide to Developing CX Job Descriptions—along with free content that has been generously provided by CXPA’s sponsors and partners. Visitors can also explore two new content areas—the Insight Exchange Video Series, which features short-form, member-submitted videos on how to tackle the most pressing CX challenges of today, and the CX Builds Resilience series, a collection of videos and blog posts that CX professionals can use to effect customer-focused transformation in their organizations and specifically, among their leadership team.

Tools for Career Management

Creating a plan for learning and a plan for career growth is critically important at all times, but especially in uncertain ones.  The “Mentor Match” program pairs CXPA members who are seeking to broaden their CX skills and abilities with accomplished professionals in the space. Additionally, all visitors can access CX job postings, find recognized trainers, and learn more about the Certified Customer Experience Professional certification.

Join Us

Whether you’re a CXPA member or simply a believer in all things CX, we invite you to join us on the new We’ll be there every step of the way and look forward to advancing CX—together.

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04-20-2020 01:17 PM

Greg, thanks for this post to guide us through the enhanced site. I'm excited to spend some time with it, and am grateful for the work the team has put into it!