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CXPA provides one of the largest collections of online CX resources available.  We pride ourselves in helping our members share lessons learned about the strategy and implementation of customer experience.  Here is a guide to our online CX resources:

  • Webinars - We are pleased to provide free, on-demand access to these webinars which are designed to help further your knowledge and understanding of the CXPA CX Competencies.
  • Insight Exchange Video Series - In these videos, CXPA members share insights and perspectives to help deepen your CX knowledge and advance the discipline of customer experience. (CXPA membership and log-in required for access to the full video library)
  • CX Builds Resilience - While a complete customer experience transformation requires several years of ongoing commitment, these building blocks are intended to help you make better immediate decisions that balance short-term considerations with long-term resiliency and success.
  • What is CX - CXPA interviewed an international panel of CX practitioners, consultants, and academics to provide this independent, platform-agnostic definition of customer experience and introduction to CX.
  • Blog - The CXPA Member Blog features thought leadership from CXPA members and staff.  (CXPA membership and log-in required to post)
  • CX Resource Library - CXPA members can access hundreds of white papers, tools, conference presentations, and webinars in the CXPA Members-Only  (CXPA membership and log-in required)
  • Discussion Forum - The CXPA Member Forum provides CXPA members the opportunity to participate in online or email discussions with the CXPA community around the world.  (CXPA membership and log-in required)

Not sure whether you would benefit from our resources?  Check out some of our most valued resources below, including thought leadership resources from our Sponsors, each of which is a leader in the CX field.

A Sample of Some of Our Most Popular Resources

We invite you to enjoy access to some of our most popular CXPA resources.

Top Thoughts From CX Experts - eBook

Top Thoughts From CX Experts

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Get insights on burning questions in our "Top Thoughts from Customer Experience Experts" e-book!

CXPA's Guide to CX Job Description - eBook

CXPA's Guide to CX Job Description

View e-Book

This resource will help you create a CX team that is ready to succeed. Read about preferred qualifications, knowledge, skills and abilities for specific roles. Also, learn about how the responsibilities of each role relate to CXPA's CX Competency Framework and specific requirements of CX roles to help advance your CX career. 


Topic Guides--A Deep Dive Into Critical CX Knowledge Domains

It can be overwhelming to find relevant, unbiased CX resources to help move your work forward.

CXPA is here to help.

Our Topic Guides--CXPA members who are Certified Customer Experience Professionals--have curated our most relevant, popular articles, whitepapers, and webinars to bring you the very best information on topics that are critical to your success.

Check out some of CXPA's very best resources on a critical CX topics:

Journey Mapping
Establishing CX Governance
(CXPA membership and log in required to view)

CX Resources From Our Partners

CXPA Partners are an excellent source for whitepapers, webinars and CX resources.  Thanks to their generosity, we are also pleased to provide public access to these resources.



Resources Provided by

Cravety unifies data from existing yet disparate applications and applies behavioral science and logic models to help organizations capture more value from their investments.

Founded in 2018, Cravety helps organizations improve productivity and engagement through deeply personalized customer experiences and employee experiences.



Global Partner

Hehsed is a Digital and Innovation company that assists clients in their Digital transformation journey, specifically in creating an agile, innovative and customer-centric workforce, through digital capabilities and tools such as Design thinking, Agile, Lean, customer experience and the Learning organization.


Thematic Logo

Resources Provided by

Thematic was founded in 2016, after the founders, Dr. Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg, realized that companies receive vast amount of feedback, but aren’t able to understand what customers want and what’s driving customer metrics such as NPS and CSAT. Thematic now helps companies across 6 countries and 4 continents understand their customers. Customers include Fortune 500 companies like ManpowerGroup and CBRE, global enterprises such as Vodafone and Air New Zealand, as well as Silicon Valley unicorns like Stripe and DoorDash. Thematic is backed by YCombinator, AirTree, Hoku, and Silicon Valley angel investors.


Terragni Consulting

Resources Provided by
Terragni Consulting

At Terragni, we solve some of the most complex human engagement strategic challenges that organizations face. Our solutions are creative, interdisciplinary, detailed, and connect seemingly disparate dots. Our implementation drawing on neuroscience and behavioral science is grounded, rigorous, and connected to hard-nosed business outcomes. The more complex the challenge, the more we like to get our hands onto it.


Amigos do CX

Amigos do CX

Based in Sao Paolo, Brazil and led by Bruno Guimarães, a CXPA member and CX practitioner, Amigos do CX is a non-profit aimed at advancing sound CX practices in Brazil. Guimarães will lead CXPA’s Brazil Network, which will serve as a community for the growing field of CX practitioners in the region.


West Monroe

Resources Provided by
West Monroe Partners

West Monroe is a different consulting firm – one that challenges our clients to push beyond their limits. Our unique ability to blend business acumen and technical expertise is driven by consultants and practitioners who understand how to leverage technology to address business objectives. Together, we’ll create solutions to confront your industry’s toughest issues and transform your business. That’s our uncommon blend.


Awards International

Global Awards Program Partner

Awards International believes winning their CXA awards creates wonderful possibilities for personal and professional growth. This is something they aim to share more and more throughout the world as they grow over the next ten years.