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Are customers part of your plan? Then make them part of your planning.

Strategic planning is critical to every successful organization, on multiple levels. No matter if planning activity happens in an overarching, organizational sense, or in team- or client-specific scenarios, leaders have to make important decisions toward achieving a desired future business state...

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Wise Use of Champions in Customer Experience Governance

Many customer experience efforts start off with a small group of people conducting a survey. The idea is to show the results to management and then figure out what needs to be done. This may go on for a few survey cycles in order to show a compelling trend, or to assure managers that the status...

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If you had to choose two words to sum-up what customer experience managers do, you might say “measure progress”. Voice-of-the-customer tools and customer engagement efforts are essentially about “taking the temperature” of customers as the complement to, and hopefully, a predictor of the...