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I have more than 15 years of experience in customer experience and marketing. I have held c-suite, director, consulting and advisory roles. My focus has been on aligning culture, employee experience, and customer experience to drive customer lifetime value, profitability, and growth.

I spend much of my time working with early and later stage B2B tech startups to help them define product/market fit and design and execute on their customer development strategy. I work with mid-market organizations to help them develop/improve their employee experience and customer experience initiatives so they can be more customer-centric.

My areas of expertise include marketing, customer experience, customer success, win/loss analysis, product marketing, content development, social media, process improvement, VoE and VoC alignment, and metrics.

My passions include:

-Building/leading high-performance teams of varying skill sets and experience levels.
-Driving marketing initiatives combined with analytics and insights to convert buyers into lifetime customer advocates.
-Delivering omnichannel experiences customers want through customer journey mapping, VoC, win/loss analysis, metrics, and developing strong retention, loyalty, and advocacy programs.
-Directing digital efforts to align sales and marketing to produce outcomes that drive growth.

I am passionate about the tech sector and more specifically, helping tech startups and mid-market companies grow and achieve desired outcomes. It’s important to me to drive change in a way that builds on the positive aspects of an organization's culture and what it does well while helping the company evolve so it can best serve its customers, employees, and the broader markets and communities it is a part of.

I love to help educate through speaking and writing on customer experience, marketing, startups, emerging tech and gender equality/diversity. In addition, I host #CXChat, a weekly Twitter chat all about customer experience.