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Global Keynote speaker and Trusted Advisor in Customer Experience and founder of the Customer Experience Game. 

I am living in the pretty city of Utrecht, love walking and reading the morning newspaper on the terraces of petit cafe Elize. Come have a cappucino with me and discuss trends and opportunities in CX.

After 20 year leadership experience in Telco, Finance and Customer Experience, I started my own company in 2015. In my last executive position I was the founder of Customer Experience at KPN, the Dutch incumbent Telco in 2012. Working with a solid CX strategy of 3 pillars (Voice of the Customer, Delivery in the Customer Journey and Employee Ambassadorship) we managed to grow NPS from -14 to +2 in less than three years! 

As I founded my own company in 2015, I have grown my skills and workfield. When you work with me, you understand why my Brandpromise is "making Customer Experience Work!". In 2016 I became one of the ART's (Authorized Resource and Training partners of the CXPA) and as this program changed in 2019, I was one of the first RTP (Recognized Training Partners of the CXPA). Up till the beginning of 2020 I have helped hunderds of CX professionals to grow their skills and competencies and get their CCXP accreditation. 

The two day Masterclass is the perfect training, both open as tailored incompany to really know what CX is about and spice up your CX professionalism. 

Are you looking for an inspiring speaker who is also hands-on? Specialised in Giving a wake up call (a funny one) to leaders and getting customer facing employees the power and will to act!

Want a change tool on Customer Experience in your CX Tool box? The customer experience game is the way to engage colleagues and bring CX to life.

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