Meet Our Recognized Training Providers

CXPA Recognized Training Provider

Meet Our Recognized Training Providers

It can be a challenge to find quality Customer Experience (CX) training. CXPA believes that CX training is best conducted by qualified providers delivering content grounded in the core competencies of CXPA’s Customer Experience framework. This framework was developed through an extensive, psychometrically valid job task analysis study that researched community consensus on the job task scope of the CX professional. The framework also serves as the examination blueprint for the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential, the only independent credential for CX professionals.

The providers below have been determined by independent review by the CXPA as meeting established qualifications to be designated as a CXPA Recognized Training Provider.  By choosing a Recognized Training Provider, you are assured that the training you receive is from a provider recognized by CXPA as having the qualifications, skills, and commitment to provide quality Customer Experience training that will enhance your CX knowledge.

Recognized Training Providers

Acceleration Strategy

Acceleration Strategy

We believe that every company’s lifeblood is its customers, regardless of size. Acceleration Strategy Inc was founded in 2011 on the confidence that CEOs of mid-sized organizations would highly value customer experience management’s ability to increase profit and reduce costs. What clients lacked in enterprise-level budgets, they made up in the drive to succeed and the commitment to being their best. We were right and both ASI and their clients have never looked back. 

Acceleration Strategy Inc is Canada’s first full-service Qualtrics Partner in the QPN providing implementation and advisory services.  These advisory and technical services are provided in conjunction with education on the discipline of Customer Experience.  Our clients tell us how this blend of services accelerates program results, benefits and adoption within their organizations. 

Acceleration Strategy Inc is on the board of Customer Experience Professional Association Toronto Network, and provides high impact consulting and training to CEOs directly and through TEC.

At the Acceleration Academy we understand that everybody learns differently - so we purposely designed our courses to accommodate all Neuro Communication learning styles.  

Our interactive curriculum has been designed around the CXPA’s CCXP certification best practices, combined with practical application derived from real life cases.  

All our classes are presented in real time (via ZOOM) with engaging discussions supported by academic theories and best practices from the CX industry. 

Serving: Africa, Europe, North America (Canada), South America

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AKT Global

AKT Global

At AKT, our business is people. We help our customers redefine and transform the way people experience their organizations, adapting to the new expectations in the digital experience economy - one that feels listened to, responsive, and life-long. We drive transformations through implementing SAP’s market-best in cloud, analytics and mobile technology, to inspire, incentivize and create effective and engaged employees and customers. We are one of the largest SAP Cloud Solutions consultancy firms in EMEA, including the consulting for Qualtrics Experience Management solution.

In the Customer Experience Management space, we offer a new breed of end-to-end experience management designed from the ground up to empower clients to own Experience from start to beyond.

AKT provides a wide range of flexible services to accelerate the success of CX and EX initiatives, including:
  • Tailored advisory solutions to build a high-performing experience management strategy and practice
  • VOC and VOE programs from concept to realization including professional research services
  • Internal capabilities building by an array of professional training combining CX/ EX and new business methods such as Design Thinking and Agile.

And, together with SAP Qualtrics – the #1 Experience Management platform – we bring an unbeatable combination of industry-leading expertise in experience management to deliver better, faster results so you can put people experience at the heart of your business!

Serving: Asia (Israel; Middle East)

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BrandLove Customer Experience

Brandlove was established in 2012 as a customer-focussed innovation consultancy. We are a team of experienced and passionate facilitators, strategists and designers who find purpose in seeing our clients succeed.

BrandLove is not a wise-ass, tell-you-what-to-do consultancy, and neither are we a kiss-ass tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear agency. BrandLove is your partner, working with you to connect the dots. We are facilitators of an authentic discovery process, to help you find and implement your experience essence, while creating a safe space for design-thinking, collaboration and innovation.

We help leaders shape their strategy to become outside-in thinkers and view everything from the customers' eyes. We counsel brands whose customers have fallen out of love with them. We help infuse brand DNA into every brand touchpoint and ignite passion in the hearts and minds of your people, especially those who serve customers, through transformative culture programmes.

We help brands find what they may have lost, and facilitate a discovery for those who may not have had complete clarity around their essence. We find the best and the worst in your experiences and show you how to leverage it or make it better. We guide you on how to achieve competitive differentiation through deliberate design rather than leaving brand experiences to chance.

We are not rocket-scientists, but rather behavioural-anthropologists, who love bringing together people, processes and technology. We are a catalyst for sustainable transformation. We challenge the status quo, and we ask you to see things as if you are looking at it for the first time... We ask, "Why?" over and over again, until we get to the naked truth. We combine science, creativity and a bit of magic to create remarkable moments where customers fully experience you for who you are.
We find joy in igniting a love affair between customers and your brand!

Serving: Africa (South Africa), Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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CEM Partner Co., LTD

We help companies transform to customer-centric culture and excellent customer experience to grow fast and sustainably.

We are different from other companies that we do not consider customer experience as a function equivalent to other functions, such as marketing, sales, products…; We approach customer experience systematically, as a way for the CEO to manage his company holistically. With that, businesses put customers at the center of everything they do, thereby stipulating what functions and other departments must do to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CEM Partner has trained more than 10,000 leaders and managers, providing consulting and coaching services to nearly hundreds of businesses in Vietnam and the region.

We are the first firm in Vietnam and the leading firm in ASEAN Countries in consulting and training customer experience management and customer-centric culture.

All experts of CEM Partner have more at least 5 years of practical experience in customer experience management and a firm grasp of international standard methodology.

Mr. Duong Nguyen, the founder, have been the CX missionary, creating and spreading CX spirit and made it popular in business community like today in the country. He is also best seller author of the book: excellent customer experience.

Serving:  Asia (Vietnam), North America

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ClearAction Continuum

ClearAction Continuum

ClearAction Continuum influences organizations of all kinds to operationalize customer experience strategy. ClearAction Advisory has efficient recipes such as Customer Excellence DNA™, Digital Experience De-Siloed™, CX Management Maturity Roadmap™, and much more. They’re passed on to you through coaching, assessments, templates, roadmaps, playbooks, workshops, and train-the-trainer. By integrating with your strengths and routines, we minimize disruption and maximize application.

Our Customer Experience Excellence course has helped people in 50+ countries to learn the six CCXP competencies. Topic Mastery scenarios are the best gauge for exam readiness. Myth-busters, topic exploration exercises, and games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire improve your capabilities for on-the-job use and career success. Course formats: online on-demand, in-person public, onsite, live webinar, podcast, practice questions, learning community subscription, and online in Spanish.

Instructor Lynn Hunsaker created the first global B2B CX practices study and has designed and taught 20+ courses at UC Berkeley Extension and San Jose State University. She serves on the CXPA Board of Directors and is one of five recipients of the CustomerThink Hall of Fame award. ClearAction was a CXPA Founding Corporate Member and created the first online and webinar courses authorized for CCXP exam preparation.

CCXP Renewal Credits are available through the Integrating the 6 CCXP Competencies class and the 6-module Customer-Focused Communication courses, and the ClearAction Value Exchange -- real-time solutions for facilitating enterprise-wide nimbleness and growth through CX adoption and accountability.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Oceania (Australia), Europe, North America (United States), South America

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CLIENTRIKA® is a boutique Customer Experience consulting firm, specialized in CX Economics, CX Strategy, Customer Retention Strategy (Churn) and Experience Transformation (Executive Change Management).

We define CX as a business discipline, and therefore it must be managed from a cross-functional perspective and measuring the impact of experience improvements on the business’ bottom line. We strongly believe in results based on building organizational capabilities, generating a customer-centric culture and an CX Economics vision.

We have developed proprietary frameworks: Return On Wow® (Customer Experience), Qarré® (Customer Retention), Imfinit® (Executive CX Change Management); and a proprietary CX Economics methodology: Xquema® (eXperience's QUality Economics MAnagement), all aligned to CXPA best practices.

We have experience in different sectors, both in B2C and B2B, and at an international level. In addition, we can work on projects in English, Spanish, French (and soon Portuguese).

Through our continuing education, training and professional development unit, XQUEMA® Customer Management School, we provide courses, programs, and workshops on different topics of Customer Experience, Customer Management and Finance for CX & Marketing. We are the first training and mentoring company accredited as RTP in Latin America, and we offer courses in Spanish.

We are an Experience Enhancer, and we are always looking for the exponential factor!


Serving:  Europe, North America, South America

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Customer Experience Consultancy

Customer Experience Consultancy, LTD

Founded in 2012, Customer Experience Consultancy has worked with, guided, mentored and inspired, organisations and customer experience practitioners in over 40 countries Underpinned by our belief in ‘doing what is right for our clients, their people and their customers’, we operate as specialists in ‘operationalising the customer experience’ – Working only with experienced practitioners, our specialists have quite literally ‘been there and done it’ in the world of customer experience. We are not career consultants Our founder, Ian Golding, was the first person in the world to be authorised to teach people to prepare for their CCXP Accreditation in 2014.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe (UK), North America, South America

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Help you engage and lead your business to noticeably improve your customer experience for a stronger return.

We help you understand where you are in your customer experience roadmap, what to do next and how to do it.

Because we will shave off a lot of your learning curve, help you shine and make a lasting impact and internalise the capabilities across your business. We have the scars and stars!

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe (France), North America, South America

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CX University

CX University

CX University is the world's only fully online training program created with a blend of a science-based approach to learning with elegant, visually engaging design and seamless delivery. It's also the world's only CX training program endorsed for six MBA or MHA credits. CXPA's rubric of the five domains of CX excellence is the foundation for all programs.

The online courses are designed for self-paced, independent study and vary in content, depth, and time commitment to suit all learners' needs.

  • CX800: Get 6 MBA or MHA credits from Moravian University. The only RTP so recognized.
  • CX700: For those who want a solid foundation in CX (For corporate clients only; minimum five seats; recommended for CCXP preparation).
  • CX500: For those who want to be CX leaders – recommended for CCXP preparation.
  • CX200: These are micro-lessons for all employees who need to understand CX in their role.
  • CX300: The CXQ – check your knowledge of the discipline – complimentary.
  • CX Practice Test Program – 100's of questions to prepare for certification.
  • The 90-Days to CCXP Roadmap is a blended program that is a combination of self-paced online learning with instructor led sessions.
  • Applied Customer Journey Mapping Specialist program – a hands-on learning journey to create your company/team/unit map.

We serve individual practitioners and global clients in over eighty countries across all industries. We are proud to say that we have trained over 17,000 people over the past four years.

We have also migrated our knowledge of the CX discipline to the healthcare industry and now proudly offer PX programs.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America (United States), South America

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Dialog Axiata PLC

Dialog Axiata PLC

Dialog Axiata PLC is Sri Lanka’s flagship telecommunications service provider and the largest mobile network in the country. The Customer Experience Training Academy (CETA) of Dialog Axiata PLC was established in the year 2001 and has trained over 15,000 people across the organization on products, services, systems, processes and essential soft skills for managing customers and employees. Following the expertise gained and maturity of the unit over the last several years the academy will expand to go public and carryout training programmes for other external individuals and enterprises. CETA is a City & Guilds Approved Center, which allows us to conduct the C&G progammes on Teaching, Training & Assessing and also on Customer Service, further CETA is also an accredited center for British Computer Society (BCS) where we carry out courses on UX, Agile, Business Analysis & AI. A variety of the accreditations and courses are offered by the CETA for the learner pick from to grow and enhance their carrier. The CETA believes that continuous professional development will open doors for better opportunities and provide the experience required to uncover an individual’s true potential. The expansion of the CETA as an external academy is a step in the journey towards reaching service excellence and establishing Dialog as the front runner in Sri Lanka and across Axiata in the Customer Experience management discipline.

Serving: Asia (Sri Lanka)

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INDEVCO Consultancy

INDEVCO Consultancy

Bringing our expertise and over 60 years of experience to help you create long-term, sustainable value and accelerate your growth. Using profound expertise and industry know-how, we enable positive and sustainable change by helping businesses thrive in a fast-changing environment, navigate the new normal and better respond to their most complex challenges. Below a brief on the services provided: 

  • Customer Experience & Retention Strategies
  • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition Programs
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory
  • Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization
  • People Strategy & Organization Development
  • Exhibition Strategy & Management
  • Sustainability Strategy & Governance
  • Business Process Improvement & Excellence
  • Information Systems & Business Intelligence
  • Insurance & Safety Risk Management

PRESS RELEASE: INDEVCO Consultancy Operational Excellence Academy offers a 3 day CX Master Class 2021

Africa, Asia (Lebanon, Middle East), Europe, North America

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KCA Consultants

KCA Consultants

Fully Integrated CX and Organizational Development: We believe that CX cannot be seen in isolation. That is why we help our clients achieve lasting and sustainable improvements and outstanding end-to-end Customer Experiences by integrating their Corporate Strategy, Operations and Customer Service Delivery, HR and Culture Management, Quality Management, and Branding/Marketing in a truly holistic way.  Our award winning expertise does not only include all aspects of CXM, but also covers Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, Strategy Management/Balanced Scorecard, ITSM and HR Culture Management. Through our extensive network of recognized global experts and technical solutions providers we can always provide our clients with access to the highest levels of experience and expertise, customized to the respective needs of the assignment and problem at hand. As such we are truly an integrative one-stop-shop provider with a global reach for all your CX, Business Improvement and Training needs. 

Training and L&D Solutions: With KCA Consultants being a CXPA RTP, you can trust us with all your L&D and Training needs. Adhering to the highest review standards of CXPA, we can assure that our CX, CCXP Preparation, Innovation and Design Thinking, Strategy and Quality Management Training programs have been tried and tested, and delivered by our L&D Experts to a wide range of clients across many industries and sectors.

Serving: Africa, Asia (Dubai, Middle East), Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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Koyopo stands for - Know Your Potential. Koyopo is Asia’s 1st certified CX mentoring company. They are on a mission is to unlock human potential and transform customer experiences globally. Koyopo has more than two decades of experience serving clients across more than 12 countries. They offer both online and in person workshops for their clients globally. They have been invited by Fortune 500 companies like – Google, Cisco, etc. to facilitate customer experience workshops. Rajat Chawla, Chief Experience Transformist with Koyopo has received CEO Innovation award for building global customer experience practice.

For Clients of Koyopo:
Koyopo offers unique, Customer Experience Transformation Frameworks™, Employee Strengths Maximization Models™ and Experts Business Blueprint™ to help their clients build customer experience and business capabilities. Koyopo has developed a CCXP Exam Simulator that provides exam practice to those preparing for CCXP certification. They have also created a CX workbook named - Customer Experience Design Book. It’s a valuable resource for those preparing for CCXP certification, with 100 practice questions. Koyopo also offers unique program for sales and marketing professionals on - how to rapidly grow through amazing customer experience.

Serving: Africa, Asia (India), Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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Multifarious Experience

Multifarious Experience

Multifarious Experience (ME) was founded 7 years ago in the UK with the aim of helping organisations and professionals globally to build capacity in CX (customer experience) and experience design. We have coached CX professionals and organisations across continents. Delivered 1 to 1 and in groups, both online and on-site. We are specialists in helping organisations create a Customer-Centric-Culture and achieve their CX targets. This consists of training programs which range from Engaging Hearts and Minds across all levels of an organisation through to Journey Mapping and Service Recovery. Amy Brustia and Hassan Mohammad hail from multifarious backgrounds in healthcare, engineering, financial services and entrepreneurship. With their combined expertise and skills in CX, Process improvement, Innovation and Experience Design they diagnose, design and deliver great customer experiences for clients globally. Hassan and Amy have spoken at conferences such as London Design Festival, Service Design Fringe Festival, Patient Experience event CX Club in KSA and for corporates such as Genesys Middle East on CX Day.

Diagnose: Gain true insights, identify the gaps in your service that cause frustration and lead to negative experiences

Design: Collaboratively work together to frame problems, generate ideas, and explore opportunities. We co-design the future ‘to-be’ experience with teams and create a roadmap for change with a focus on people, process and technology

Deliver: Implementation of a successful CX project which may be in the form of a CX toolkit/manuals, KPI setting and monitoring and/or knowledge transfer through training, communication and roll out of tools.

Serving: Africa, Asia (Middle East), Australia, Europe (UK), North America, South America

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New Metrics

New Metrics is a leading experience management consultancy in the MENA region. Our team is dedicated to futureproofing and supporting organizations to achieve sustainable growth through human-centric transformations, data analytics and employee enablement.

Our award-winning Learning Academy provides you with the next practice skills through accelerated learning modes, tackling current and future business challenges through experimentation and application – whatever the area of business.

New Metrics key capabilities:

Customer, Employee and Brand Experience
We support you across end-to-end CX, EX, BX and PX transformations by building real-time insight engines and allowing organizations to take human-centered and validated actions.

Transformation & Change
We transform how companies operate and respond to insights and market signals, enabling them to navigate market uncertainty & deliver against rapidly changing customer needs.

Learning Academy & Employee Enablement
We provide your teams with next-practice skills through accelerated learning modes to tackle current and future business challenges through experiential learning and capability development.

Serving: Africa, Asia (Oman), Europe

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Nienke Bloem Services - Customer Centricity

Nienke Bloem Services BV

Nienke Bloem, CCXP is a world renowned Customer Experience Management leader and has helped thousands on their journey to become customer centric. Through speaking, virtual training, consulting and her fun customer experience game. She is practical, honest and a lot of fun to work with. Did we mention her Dutch Non-Nonsense approach and her always wearing a blue dress? She has been a CX leader herself, so she has the scars and the starts to help you. Please be in contact to see what she can do for you.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe (Netherlands), North America, South America

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OmniTouch International - Your Source for Creating Great Customer Experiences

OmniTouch International

For 20 years we have helped & inspired people around the world to deliver better Customer, Employee & Contact Center experience. So far across 40 countries and dozens of industries. Our workshop curriculum is one of the most robust anywhere - with more than 25 industry-leading workshops across the breadth of the Customer ecosystem. CX Management, Contact Center Management, Employee Experience, Quality Management – we teach these and more at a mastery level. And of course, we’re proud to be a CXPA Recognized Training Provider amongst our other credentials & achievements.

In addition to our Training Division, our Research Division conducts powerful Customer research with a focus on Mystery Shopper. We don’t just talk about VOC. Clients engage us to evaluate and help them improve their experience delivery. On the academic side we are University Lecturers at Hochshule Fresenius Germany where we develop and deliver CX courseware for MBA students.

And of course we do all this to acclaim – with thousands of wonderful testimonials earned from Clients & Participants – the best award of all.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Oceania (Australia), Europe (Germany), North America, South America

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SEDA Executive Education

SEDA Executive Education is the first and only Education School with focus on Customer Experience in Brazil, certified by CXPA. We offer MBA in CX, short courses and In company training. We want to help people in their professional and personal growth through CX knowledge.

Serving: South America (Brazil)

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Wilms & Co BV - Customer Experience - Masterclasses, Consultancy, Visualisation

Wilms & Co BV

Become a CX Leader: So you are interested in CX, and you know there’s more. You want to be better at it, right? To learn about trends and developments, best practices, how it all fits together? Enrol in one of the Masterclasses that cover everything you need to grow as a CX leader. With minds alike and at a fast pace you’ll have inspiration for a lifetime CX career.

Create True CX Impact: Or you’re involved in CX already. Maybe you measure NPS or have a VOC programme running. People are looking at you to make it happen. But how? How to get better scores, more results and more engagement? Get someone who’s been in your role. As a former Head of Global NPS running 13 countries in Europe and Asia for a leading Financial corporate I know exactly what it takes to design and manage complex programmes, avoid political pitfalls and create a movement. I’ll help you as a sparring partner. In the background, so you can shine.

Engage your Organisation: CX is a very powerful business methodology. It connects business strategy to your customers, enables to act upon valuable feedback and to increase customer loyalty and value. However, you will only succeed by turning inwards first. How do you engage your organisation and create an energetic, buzzing customer driven environment? Get stunning visualisations in to create reports, infographics and stunning presentations that get you the impact and give your results the podium they earn.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe (Netherlands), North America (United States), South America

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