2020 CX Impact Award Judge

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Gansbaai, Western Cape

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I'm Chantel Botha, the author of "The Customer Journey Mapping Field Guide" and the founder of BrandLove. 

I help business leaders to empower their teams to live their brand proudly.

I am passionate about closing the gap between what a brand promises and delivers in reality. Employees are often the moment of truth in customers' experiences with a brand. Over the last 15 years, I have perfected the recipe to turn ordinary employees into Brand Warriors. 

BrandLove has created thousands of Brand Warriors across industries, including Banking, Insurance, Investments, Retail, and facilities management. Our clients have experienced results in as short as 12 weeks where customers complain less, buy more, and employees are happier and more enthusiastic about their work. 

I am a computer scientist and mathematician by education, but I realized mid-career that the human operating system intrigues me more than systems code.


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