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Learn more about the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) exam and certification.

About the CCXP Certification
The CCXP program provides a means for individuals to obtain professional recognition of their knowledge and experience within the customer experience discipline. Until the CXPA established this accreditation, there was no industry-wide, standardized avenue for CX practitioners to demonstrate their expertise and accomplishments, and no formal credentials that showcased an individual’s standing in the industry. As a non-profit, independent association, the CXPA has established the CCXP as a recognized and admired professional credential.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and three years of full-time CX-specific work experience is eligible to take the exam. An alternate pathway to eligibility is a high school diploma (or equivalent) and five years of full-time CX-specific work experience.


The application fee and re-certification fee (due 2 years after you pass) is outlined here.

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