CX Day: Elevate Executives' Endorsement of CX Excellence

By Lynn Hunsaker,CCXP posted 09-17-2020 03:29 PM

CX Day
CX Day is a treasure trove of possibilities: thanking customers, engaging employees with customers, celebrating CX progress, raising awareness across your company of just what CX is and how you're driving CX performance, proclaiming your CX passion on social media, learning and sharing with peers of all types. I love it! My smile is ear-to-ear for the 24-hour period that begins as Australia wakes up to CX Day and we follow the sun around the globe with tons of fun online, etc. 

This year we've experienced tremendous shifts with our customers, employees, technologies, policies, processes, and more. It's truly a turning point. Let's rise to the occasion, despite the many hurdles, to inject CX insights into all of these shifts. Our hurdles can be smaller when our executives fully appreciate the potential of customer experience excellence.

This year is the time to shift executives' view of CXM as programs, remedial efforts, scores and narrow quick wins. Let's shift their view of CXM toward undeniable strategic impact.
If there's one lesson we've all learned in 2020, it's that the organizations best tuned-in to customers are the most scalable, nimble, and growth-generating organizations.

Being tuned-in to customers is not an after-thought, a separate pillar, a series of churn-reduction programs. Being tuned-in to customers means there's an ongoing thirst for customer insights. With so much change underway for customers, execs are automatically seeing this need. Being tuned-in to customers means customer insights and intentional customer experience are intertwined with every strategic pillar.

Over the past few years I've written several series to help CX professionals deepen their executive team's understanding of what CX really is and how CXM practices need to shift away from mainstream approaches to higher-level approaches. What got us here in the 2010s is not exactly what's going to get us where we need to go in the 2020s. 

Here are the article series you can use to deepen your executives' endorsement of CX excellence:

Any of these resources could be instrumental in shifting your executives' treatment of CXM from tactical to strategic, from remedial to survival table stakes, from cost center to profit center, from nice-to-have to mission-critical. 

CX Day is a perfect opportunity to bring a deeper appreciation for CXM to your executives. But don't put too much pressure on one 24-hour period. CX excellence is a 365-day per year fact of life for business profitability and growth. So take some liberties with CX Day . . . CX Month . . . Monthly CX Day . . . or whatever makes sense for your company's rhythms. Get creative in using these resources to catch your executives' attention and encourage them to weave-in CXM with how the business is run, from head to toe, every nook and cranny. 

I'm curious about how you've involved executives in CX Day to-date (or unofficial CX Day) and what your plans are going forward. Please comment below!



09-28-2020 09:04 PM

looking forward to it!

09-28-2020 08:40 PM

Hi Phil, CX Day is the 1st Tuesday of October -- this year it's 6th October:

09-28-2020 08:27 PM

yes, but when exactly is CX Day?