Reflections on Culture and Accountability from CXPA’s CX Book of Knowledge

By Georges Marcellin Essama Babissakana posted 12 days ago


If someone tells you that managing people is one of the greatest challenges on the planet, would you agree with that? Helping people work together more effectively, do things the right way, agree on what matters, adopt common behaviors, and follow a common goal can be quite arduous. 

No matter the type of organization you work in, you can’t achieve success and realize goals without people. To succeed, you need them to look in the same direction, have a common target, and work together to achieve success. They also need to align on the interests of key stakeholders and other key aspects. As a CX professional, you need to build a culture that brings everyone together around the customer. You need to make sure that people in your organization are conscious of how they deliver on customer promises and are open to being accountable for bettering customers' lives. 

Henry Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." So how can you achieve success while making people work together?


CXPA's CX Book of Knowledge section on Culture and Accountability is eye-opening, offering a great source of learning and insight to help you foster an accountable, customer-centric culture across your organization. You’ll learn about the role that leadership plays in driving change, increasing employee engagement, and fostering CX culture and accountability. Here are 3 of the great lessons you’ll get from this content. 

It all starts with Leadership 

If you’re still asking yourself if you need to develop your leadership skills as a CX professional, the answer is an absolute yes, as the section authors note that “Leadership sets the tone for the organization--and CX leaders hold crucial roles." Leaders help establish and adopt the vision, mission, and values of an organization. They govern CX efforts, prioritize CX improvements, and monitor resource allocation. They also define the CX governance model, launch and manage customer-focused corporate change initiatives, and monitor the execution of dedicated roadmaps. Leadership is essential as the foundation of successful transformations inside organizations. If you want to build a customer-centric culture and make people accountable for doing right by customers, you need to improve your leadership capacities. And this book will provide you with key tools and insights on how to do it.

Bettering Employee experience to better Customer Experience

The connection between employee experience and customer experience has been largely proved by research. Happy and highly empowered employees lead to happy and highly engaged customers. But how much do organizations care about improving employee experience? What do they do to reduce friction between customers and employees on a daily basis? How do you find the best ways to recognize, celebrate, and reward your teams to increase their motivation? As trust is critical for employee engagement, how do you build it among members of your workforce? This section offers techniques, practices, and examples to develop employee-centricity.

Measuring and Improving CX Culture and Accountability

How mature is your organization when it comes to adopting a customer-centric culture or holding people accountable for customer success? CX professionals need to assess the maturity of their organization by analyzing and reviewing appropriate metrics. In addition to a robust discussion around the role of organizational maturity in CX transformation, you'll also where what actions and improvements can build accountability across the organization. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said that “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." How many CX professionals would like to see people in their organizations actively participate and engage to offer their best for customers? How many customers would like to see employees from their favorite brands, willingly do their best at their service? We may all aspire to see that in one way or another. So as CX catalysts let’s work hard to be the leaders our organizations seek: those who will transform organizations by building a customer-centric culture and hold people accountable for improving the customers' lives.

Georges Essama is the Head of Customer Relations at CAMTEL in Cameroon and a winner of CXPA's 2022 Emerging Leader Awards. The first edition of CXPA's Book of Knowledge is available for free online reading to CXPA members at Not a member? Learn more and join today.





Thanks @Graham Clark . Building a common Customer Centric Culture remains one of the greatest challenge for CX Pro. But with patience, engagement and hardwork it's possible.

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Perfectly put Georges