An Open Letter to the CX Community

By CXPA Admin posted 12-21-2023 09:40 AM

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At CXPA, we believe that customer experience creates a better world by encouraging organizations to build and execute strategies that deliver better outcomes for customers, employees, and sustainable business results. We believe the greatest inhibitor to the growth of CX is a lack of understanding and consensus about customer experience. This often causes confusion, inaction, or poor execution that keeps organizations from recognizing the benefits of a well-structured, well-supported customer experience approach.

Our Goal

CXPA has set an ambitious goal to ensure the future of CX. Last year, we set a ten-year objective “To ensure global recognition and understanding of Customer Experience as a known, respected professional role and career choice; and as a valued, trusted and preferred business discipline that drives sustainable organizational growth.” We are writing to share an update on progress as well as some next steps.

Our Actions

Recently, we have engaged Association Laboratory, a full-service research and consulting firm that advises professional associations on strategy and international growth, to help us research and determine the next best steps for CXPA. This work will be conducted over the next several months culminating in a global leadership meeting in conjunction with the 2024 CX Leaders Advance conference, to be held April 30 - May 2 in Denver, Colorado.

Our Resolve

We are committed to taking the lead in ensuring respect and understanding of CX because we firmly believe that increased understanding and adoption of customer experience will not only create better business outcomes but will also make a better world for this and future generations.

Will you help us secure the future of CX and the growth of CX professionals?

We are certain that including more voices and organizations will help us better advance the field of customer experience. We also recognize that different individuals and organizations have different needs, so we have created a range of opportunities for you to support and engage in CXPA. These include:

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact CXPA’s CEO, Greg Melia, CAE at

Together in Advancing CX Professionalism,

Tabitha Dunn, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Chair, Head of Global Customer Experience, Hitachi

Amy Shioji, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Vice Chair, Chief Experience Officer, Strategic Education

Roxana (Roxie) Strohmenger, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Treasurer, VP of CX Strategy, UKG

Jayalakshmi Sudarshan, CCXP, PMP®, 2023 CXPA Director and 2024 CXPA Treasurer, Customer Experience Manager, Hewlett Packard Inc

Anita Siassios CEEE CCXP CSPO CPPM CPC CIPM, 2023 CXPA Director, Founder & Managing Director, ManagingCX Pty Ltd

Benjamin Easaw, CCXP, 2024 CCXP Program Advisory Committee Chair and CXPA Director, Managing Director, Digital Experience, Cetera Financial Group

Bryan Sander, CCXP, MBA, 2023 CXPA Director, Managing Director, Member Experience, AAA National Office

Carolyn Klinger, CCXP, FCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, Director, Market & Competitive Intelligence, Affinity

Darin Byrne, CCXP, 2023 CCXP Program Advisory Committee Chair and CXPA Director, Vice President, Client Experience and Delivery, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Eric Bruce, CCXP, 2024 CXPA Director, Chief Experience Officer, National Gallery of Art

Erin Wallace, CCXP, 2024 CXPA Director, Director of NPSx, Bain & Company

Francis Goh, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, Digital Innovation Leader, Hehsed Consulting

Georges Essama, CCXP, 2024 CXPA Director, Senior Manager, Head of Marketing, Communication & Customer Experience Department, Cameroon Telecommunications

Heather Gillbanks, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, VP of Customer Service & Customer Experience, Herff Jones

Jim Tincher, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, Mapper-In-Chief, Heart of the Customer

Mark Ratekin, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, Head of Global CX Consulting, Forsta

Mark Slatin, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, CEO and Founder, Empowered CX

Nancy Porte, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Immediate Past Chair

Sebastien Munar, CCXP, XMP, 2023 CXPA Director, Managing Director, Clientrika

Stacey Nevel, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, Vice President, Voice of the Customer, Prudential Financial

Stephanie Leheta, MBA, CCXP, PMP, CCMP, 2024 CXPA Director, Senior Director, Client Experience Strategy, Governance, and Design, CIBC

Wayne Simmons, CCXP, 2023 CXPA Director, Global Customer Experience Management Lead, Pfizer

Greg Melia, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Customer Experience Professionals Association