Four Key Themes From CX Leaders Advance

By Mr. Greg Melia, CAE posted 06-01-2023 10:22 PM


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CXPA recently held CX Leaders Advance in Orlando, FL. Our first in-person conference since the pandemic, the event brought together passionate professionals like you who are dedicated to delivering better outcomes for your customers and your organizations. In the days since our exceptional gathering, I’ve spent some time reflecting on key themes that will help guide our ongoing mission of helping CX professionals to share, learn, inspire, and grow throughout their entire careers: 

Elevating Leadership in Customer Experience

The conference faculty members provided critical insights on how CX professionals can enhance their leadership capabilities, emphasizing in session upon session the importance of strengthening business acumen, fostering collaboration, and mastering change management skills. Furthermore, they highlighted the need for CX professionals to position themselves as trusted advisors to the C-Suite and CEO, enabling them to deliver results that benefit customers, colleagues, and the organization's bottom line.

"Be Consistently Good, and Strategically Amazing":

Megan Burns, in her compelling keynote address, painted a vivid picture of the evolution of CX, and her vision of future organizational imperatives. She urged organizations to strive for consistency in delivering experiences while simultaneously driving strategic innovation. According to Burns, the next era of CX demands organizations to "Be consistently good, and strategically amazing." Her message inspired attendees to think about how their own skills and role can enable their organizations to embrace innovation in their CX strategies.

Fostering Shared Understanding and Collaboration:

The practice of CX requires shared understanding and collaboration to reach its full potential, and the spirit of this collaboration was on full display in Orlando. CXPA is committed to fostering a shared understanding of the CX discipline and the role of CX professionals like you. Events like CX Day, reference materials like the CXPA’s CX Book of Knowledge, 1st edition, and conferences such as CX Leaders Advance play a pivotal role in bringing together professionals to exchange knowledge, strategies, and tactics.

Resilience and commitment to long-term results

CXPA Chair Tabitha Dunn, CCXP shared poignant reflections on the importance of resilience as a connecting characteristic of her CX career.  At each challenge point, Tabitha shared, she took time to reflect on her emotions and then focused on how she would choose to react, recognizing that it is her choice to set higher goals and achieve them. CX is a marathon - and we must take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our teams and customers.


True to CX, we surveyed attendees for feedback on CX Leaders Advance.  Thanks to the fantastic faculty, attendee engagement, Rosen Single Creek Hotel, and fellow CXPA staffers, we were able to deliver an experience that met or exceeded expectations for 95% of respondents, garnering a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81. We are humbled by this feedback and thrilled that the program was so well received. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated and contributed to this success!

Together in Advancing CX,