Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote your brand to our community of over 70,000 CX followers in over 100 countries and in over 60 industries!

CXPA Global Sponsorship Packages

CXPA sponsorship packages allow you to make an annual investment which will provide visibility in all facets of the CXPA. These premiere packages include exclusive offerings not available for purchase individually. Packages range in value and offering potential from Bronze to Platinum. These opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so secure your package today! Please email info@cxpa.org with any questions.

Platinum Global Sponsorship Package

Limit: 2 available
Price: $70,000 USD
Description: Positions your company as a world leader in supporting CX professionals. Platinum sponsorship provides a full year of brand awareness and digital advertising opportunities, top billing at our annual CX Day celebrations, as well as the opportunity to be featured in webinars and/or livestream events nearly every month.

To discuss the Platinum Sponsorship opportunity, please email info@cxpa.org.

Gold Global Sponsorship Package

Limit: 4 available
Price: $57,000 USD
Description: Demonstrates an outstanding level of support for CX professionals, and its benefits are designed to ensure that CXPA community recognizes you as a leader at our annual CX Day celebration as well as targeted involvement approximately every other month through webinars, livestream events, and digital advertising.

To discuss the Gold Sponsorship opportunity, please email info@cxpa.org.

Silver Global Sponsorship Package

Limit: 8 available
Price: $28,500 USD
Description: Reflects your strong commitment to CX professionals with benefits designed to engage the CX community on CX Day and during each quarter through webinars, livestream events, and digital advertising.

To discuss the Silver Sponsorship opportunity, please email info@cxpa.org

Bronze Global Sponsorship Package

Limit:  Unlimited availability
Price: $15,000 USD
Description: Represents your support for CX professionals with benefits designed to engage the CX community through a limited number of premiere events as well as brand recognition on CX Day.

To discuss the Bronze Sponsorship opportunity, please email info@cxpa.org

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Check out some other innovative ideas to partner with the CXPA to expand your brand recognition and visibility.

Global CX Day Sponsorships 

Global CX Day Sponsorship

Limit: Unlimited availability
Price: $5,000 USD
Description: CX Day is the only day recognized within the Customer Experience industry to celebrate the advancements of the profession. Thousands around the world participate in this celebration. Through the Global CX Day Sponsorship, your logo will be featured on the CX-Day page and in all CX Day communications. On CX Day we will celebrate our 10th Anniversary year and new sponsorship opportunities are available to celebrate this special milestone.

Member Survey Sponsorship 

Limit: 4 available
Price: $5,000 USD
Description: Collaborate with us on a survey sent to all of our members. The survey will be hosted on a platform of your choice, will be co-branded with our logo, will be promoted on our website, your website, and social media, and the final data of the survey will be shared between our organizations.

Membership Bundles

Limit: Unlimited availability
Price: 10 memberships for $1,800 USD,  25 memberships for $4,500 USD
Description: Give your teammates the opportunity to access a wealth of CX knowledge and a community with which to share ideas! Membership bundles are only offered to existing sponsors who wish to enhance their organizational reach.