Meet the CXPA Team



Greg Melia, CAE


Greg Melia, CAE, is CXPA’s chief executive officer. Greg works with the CXPA Board of Directors to ensure the health of CXPA’s culture, strengthen its position as the trusted source for all things CX, and leads the CXPA staff to support the vibrant, growing world-wide CXPA community. Greg is a Certified Association Executive, with 20 years of association management experience.

Quick facts about Greg

  • He was Drum Major of the largest drum corps in the United States.
  • He is especially proud of having taught his daughters, when they were toddlers, the concept of equifinality.
  • Every January, he and his wife host a Burns Night party complete with tastings and poetry.

  • He was named a “Young and Aspiring Association Executive” by Association Trends in 2009.



Gabe Smith, CCXP

Content Manager


Prior to joining the CXPA, Gabe Smith spent 11 years with the American Cancer Society, where he led customer experience improvement initiatives for a variety of signature fundraising events. One of Gabe's daily goals as a CX leader was to find at least one piece of great content to spur discussion among his team members and to drive action that made things better for customers. He brings that same sensibility to his work as Content Manager, where he creates and curates the kind of content that he would want to find as a practitioner.

In addition to the CCXP credential, Gabe holds a Bachelor's in English from the University of Northern Iowa as well as a teaching certification.

When he's not at work, you might see Gabe on the stage or hear him on the radio, as he loves acting in plays and recording voice spots. He loves to explore, whether that's something as majestic as Macchu Picchu or just that new diner down the road from his home in northwest Ohio. Above all, though, his favorite hobby is playing with his daughter Mae and spending time with his wife, Mindy.


    Jessica Burgus



    According to her four younger brothers and sisters, “controller” is a very appropriate title for Jessica. Jessica is the Controller for IntrinXec, our association’s Association Management Company, where she also serves as the controller of CXPA. Jess has held a number of finance positions, at companies such as Enterprise and ev3, that have contributed to her current success. Through challenges, and some failures, she has learned how to be a leader and build trust with everyone she meets.

    Quick Facts About Jessica:

    • Her time outside of the office includes being a mother of two teenage girls and a surrogate mother to a large handful of nieces and nephews.
    • Her two favorite past times – pounding nails (building stuff) and drinking wine. Or … she might be trying to escape her nerdy, trumpet-playing, blonde afro self of the late eighties …



    Joy Wedge, MPS

    Marketing Manager


    Joy joins CXPA as a Marketing Manager who genuinely enjoys creating and implementing action plans. She received a Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications from Georgetown University. Joy likes to explore solutions to marketing challenges in creative ways. She proudly utilizes her educational background and work experience to achieve goals. Overall, Joy strives to be a role model in her workplace, community, and family.

    Quick facts about Joy

    • She camped out in Tanzania for 30 days
    • She can shuck oysters
    • She created and DJ’d a radio show in college called JIVE (Joy’s Inspiration Vibration)
    • Her favorite past times include beach trips, reading and traveling


    Adrienne Bryant, CAE

    Digital Experience / CCXP Program Director


    Adrienne joined the IntrinXec team as the program manager for CXPA. A Rising Star in the association industry (and we aren’t using that term lightly - she received the “Rising Star” award from the Florida Society of Association Executives!) Adrienne is passionate about the customer experience and lifelong learning.

    Quick facts about Adrienne

    She considers these the five strengths that drive her professional life and her personal life:

    • Restorative (Natural Troubleshooter)
    • Deliberative (Naturally Cautious)
    • Learner (Naturally Curious)
    • Context (Natural Historian)
    • Input (Natural Storehouse)



    Derik Iverson

    Membership Community Manager


    Derik is very excited to work with the CXPA as a Membership Community Manager. His focus will be on providing service, connections, and resources to the membership body and Local Networks. His background in Customer Service, Retail Management, and Marketing Communications has honed his passion for building strong, connected communities. He holds a B.F.A in Theatre Acting from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and when he’s not at his desk, he loves to be involved in his current city’s theatre scene both onstage and off.

    Quick facts about Derik

    • He is a certified group fitness instructor
    • Was slimed at Nickelodeon studios as a kid and has a certificate to prove it
    • Proud dog dad to his rescued Jack Russell Terrier, Cooper



    Molly Perrin

    Membership Community Manager


    Molly is happy to be a part of CXPA as a Membership Community Manager for our corporate members and sponsors. Originally from and currently residing in the Minneapolis area, she has a degree in Psychology from Beloit College in Wisconsin. She comes from a non-profit background, and most recently spent time managing communications for a local professional association. She is passionate about process improvement and effectively communicating messages to members.

    Quick facts about Molly:

    • She and her husband have an 85-pound Rottweiler, two black cats, and a brand new (human) daughter named Charlotte.
    • During a semester abroad in Denmark in college, she visited 12 European countries (Italy is her favorite).
    • The comedian Louie Anderson showed up to her wedding!



    Blia Lee

    CCXP Program Assistant | Member Services


    Blia joined the IntrinXec team as the Assistant Account Executive for CXPA. Blia supports the CXPA in numerous ways including CCXP candidate support and services as well as assisting staff with various in-house projects. Her background in Management and Office Administration has given her the skills to successfully execute any task given. She is a strong individual who majored in Business Management with a minor in Project Management. Her passion for managing projects and accomplishing them makes her a perfect match with CXPA.

    Quick facts about Blia

    • She has loved arts and crafts since she was in elementary school
    • She has 3 handsome boys who karaoke every night before bed
    • She enjoys road trips with family and friends