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Quantifying the ROI of CX

This study uses data from CX professionals to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in quantifying the ROI of CX. #MetricsMeasurementandROI #CommunicatingROI #FinancialMetrics

November 19.CXPA and West Monroe.ROI of CX.pdf

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What the CEO Really Wants to Know About Your CX Plans

There may be no other step in the CX journey that causes more angst among CX champions than having “the talk.” You know, the one where you go to your CEO and tell them about this great idea you have that’ll solve everything if you can just have a little seed money and a couple of co-conspirators...

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Does a Better Customer Experience Lead to an Improved Botton Line? YES...BUT...

The December 2015 issue of CRM Magazine included a single-page article from Forrester’s Harley Manning titled Can Better Customer Experience Improve Your Bottom Line? The answer to the question was YES, but it depends on the industry you are in and whether customers are trapped or free to...

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