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Hi Members,

I'm a qualified Architect, Project Manager, MBA (Const. Management), Data Science Enthusiast and Customer Experience Advocate & CXPA Aspirant with 23 years of professional experience in the Retail Industry.

I have been in the Middle East Region for the past 15 years, based out of Dubai, helping Large Retailers and international & home Grown Retail Brands in expanding their physical footprint across the region. I have worked with 4 large retailers, 100+ retail brands and worked on 1000+ retail stores. 

I'm passionate about everything related to Customer Experience (CX). I regularly write, speak and contribute on various forums specifically on the subject of CX in Retail Industry.  I am a member of MECSC+R and many other professional organizations and networks. 

My other interests are Reading (Non Fiction) Writing, Cooking (Non Veg), Sports (Cricket, Badminton), Fitness (Regular gym goer), Music (Old hindi classic), Movies (hindi and English) and spending time with family. 

I'm keen on networking, meeting, collaborating and working with anyone in the CX Space or Retail Industry.

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