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STACY SHERMAN  (MBA, CX Certified)  

A results-oriented Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Marketing professional with a proven track record increasing brand awareness, sales, and loyalty at B2C & B2B companies of all sizes and budgets. She’s worked on both the client side and agency environments leading projects for reputable brands (Martha Stewart Crafts, American Girl, Perler Beads) along with well-known Telcom companies (AT&T and Verizon). Stacy is a Founding CX Board Member and Advisor at Rutgers University.

Throughout her 20+ career, Stacy has gained expertise in developing and launching revenue-producing marketing campaigns, Customer Experience (CX) programs, and Voice of Customer (VOC) initiatives, as well as maximizing conversions through proven optimization techniques. While working at Verizon Wireless (2013-2016), she created a best-in-class online shopping experience across desktop and mobile platforms using various methods to identify and fix customer pain points. She leveraged quantitative and qualitative insights to drive new testing scenarios, site enhancements, and redesigns contributing to multi-million dollar sales, call in reduction and improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) & Net Promoter (NPS) results. In 2017, Stacy transitioned to a New Product Development organization at Verizon, where she led pre-launch CX activities (persona development, journey mapping, concept validation, prototype & user testing, focus groups and related research) to ensure customer expectations were met BEFORE products released to market. She also co-developed a new CX scoring platform to aggregate and prioritize customer feedback across journey touch points for post-launch improvements. In August 2018, Stacy accepted a new position as Director of Customer Experience (CX) at a global company, Schindler Elevator Corporation. Stacy continues to infuse customer centricity in all initiatives to cultivate profitability along with “close the loop” processes for ongoing success. To learn more, watch an industry video, read article and view LinkedIn.