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Pranav is a management consultant with 28 years of leadership experience in pharma corporations and consulting. His expertise is in Customer Experience (#CX), Design Thinking, User Experience(#UX), Patient Experience(#PX), Marketing Strategy and Continuing Professionals Development(CPD).
He has led a large company's customer functions department (CRM, CX & Customer Engagement) for over 11 years. Earlier, He had over 12 years of sales & marketing leadership roles and a short stint in journalism. Currently, He is consulting businesses on CX and differentiated customer engagement for five years.
Pranav is also working in collaboration with one of the top central universities in India, the University of Hyderabad, on a management development programme (; and on a healthcare professional (HCP) education programme ( 
Pranav often visits premier postgraduate academic institutions and universities as a guest speaker.
As joint secretary of the Infection Control Academy, Pranav spread awareness of infection prevention & control (IPC) and facilitated HCP  capacity building. 
Pranav has a master's degree in Business Administration and a bachelor's degree in Science as well as Journalism & Mass Communication.


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