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Hello ! My name is Peter (Pierre in French :-) ! ) Daems. I'm a international consultant in strategy and management and expert in customer experience management. I have the French and Canadian citizenship. I help companies in Europe, North America .. and anywhere else ... to manage customer experience as a real and deep cultural transformation. I believe that this transformation needs to be around what customers are experiencing, but also employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders ... and all other stakeholders ! I love to work for airports as I'm a partner of ACI World ( Airport Council International), working on ECE (Employee survey for Customer Experience) and on Airport Customer Experience Accreditation, an amazing way to help airports improve in customer experience management. I gave conferences, workshops, trainings in Melbourne, Guayaquil, Milan, Montreal, Egypt, Halifax, Punta Cana, Hong Kong, .... I also love to work on Citizen experience for cities like Montreal, Quebec, Paris ... ready to help other cities in the world ... and in Patient Experience. Also very interest in B-corps (Benefit Corporation) who want to create value for all stakeholders ... I also play saxophone in a jazz group and like to run (I ran twice the Paris Marathon :-) )


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