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Niagara Falls Consulting, LLC


I help companies respond to increased competition and customer demands for greater product value while also improving productivity. I accomplish this by leading the redefinition of their new product development and product delivery processes…from the perspective of the external customer!

I have led four businesses in improving product revenues by replacing their “internal expertise” approach to product development with an strong external "customer voice" model. A key strength is my ability to coach senior management and their teams to look beyond what exists today and to define potential "future state" business processes that can deliver greater customer value and improved financial results.

Key Skills:
• Increasing product profitability by transforming “internally-driven” businesses into customer-focused companies
• Leading complex cross-functional projects with global matrix-structured teams
• Polished expertise presenting to and collaborating with C-level executives
• Skilled leadership of strategic business initiatives and tactical implementation projects from vision to execution
• Have high tolerance for ambiguity and can quickly implement process discipline in dynamic situations
• Translating customer experience and market insights into actionable innovations for new product development and product marketing value propositions