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I started my career in consulting (Accenture France) with one major focus around customer centric process and journeys and one major drive throughout my whole career – customer and front liner obsession.

After two years and a half in consulting I moved to the client side (telecommunication), my responsibilities ranged from managing a Call Center, to managing multichannel projects and finally heading customer experience. Whether it was through designing customer journeys, functional requirements, advisors’ fun challenges, change management (following a company acquisition) or heading complex projects, customer and front liner obsession is what has always driven me and allowed me to deliver successfully.

Born and raised in Lebanon, I spent +12 years working in France and I finally moved to Dubai in 2018, I headed customer experience for a business unit of one of the biggest regional players (responsibilities ranged from managing VoC program to redesigning major journeys) and I created in 2020 my own consulting company with a major focus on customer and front liner experience.

Some of my responsibilities: 

  • Led the overall VoC program, initiated new touchpoints implemented actions for continuous improvement
  • Revamped our entire Back-Office platform (100 staff) 
  • Provided new features across all available channels in order to ensure the overall consistency of the customer journey 

And some of my achievements: 

  • Gained 23 points on NPS by implementing more than 15 continuous improvement initiatives, redesigning simple journeys and driving a customer centric culture
  • Reduced customer contact rate by 5 points by implementing new features on self-service channels
  • Decreased the average resolution time of customer support tickets by 17% 

Passionate about CX and driving real change, please feel free to reach out to me for professional networking!

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